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Masks That Work Wonders On Your Complexion

Face masks have been a booming trend in the skin care world the past few months. With countless brands adding more mask formulas to their product line up and even more different types of masks available, we’re in a full-on mask-focused society. Personally, we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’ve long stressed the importance of using face masks in your skin care routine because of the immense benefit they can have on your complexion. We decided to round up some of the masks that work wonders on your complexion to give you a starting place in your face mask journey.

Sheet Masks
Sheet masks have been getting some major airtime in social media and within the beauty world in general. Odds are you’ve seen beauty influencers and brands sharing sheet masks at some point recently. Sheet masks are essentially very thin ‘sheets’ of cotton that are treated with skin care benefits. Slightly different than clay masks, sheet masks are really best known for their hydrating abilities. The reason sheet masks are so great for our skin is because all of us, regardless of our skin type, need hydration in our skin. In fact, most people are lacking the necessary amount of hydration in our skin. Since sheet masks are oil-free (generally) hydrating masks they’re great for any skin type to use to get that nice healthy boost of hydration into the skin.

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Clay Masks
Clay masks have been a common face mask type for a while now, because they really work wonders on your complexion. These types of masks are known to help absorb oil in the skin, and give the skin a really great tightening effect. Clay face masks are applied to the face and allowed to dry on the skin, as they dry many users begin to feel a tightening sensation on the skin. Yep, they work that quickly! This specific type of face mask is ideal for people who are trying to eliminate any excess of oil in their skin as well as obtain some anti-aging benefits. In other words, they’re great for detoxing the skin of oil and dirt that the skin doesn’t need leaving your skin much cleaner and revamped.

Gel Masks
Gel masks are another great hydrating mask for the skin. Similar to the sheet masks, gel formulas are oil-free so they’re great for any skin type–even those with oily skin. Aside from the obvious difference between gel and sheet masks, the other biggest difference is the cooling and soothing effect gel masks are known to have on the skin. If you ever feel like your skin is warm, irritated, or sensitive gel masks can be great for giving you a boost of hydration along with the other benefits.

Of course, there are quite a few other types of face masks to try these are a few of our favorites that work wonders on giving you a flawless complexion when used regularly.

Do you have a favorite type of face mask?

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