Modern Goth Makeup

The black lips and pale cheeks look of the 90’s goth has grown up and matured into what is now called modern goth. Gone are the connotations of devil worship and anarchy. Those stereotypes have made way for the style and glamor of the runway where modern goth’s influence can be seen the world over. From famous singers such as Lorde to high fashion models, goth has gone modern in the millennium.

Dark lip color with pale eye color

While dark black or very deep red lipstick with a pale base on your face and a touch of eyeliner and eye shadow are still keys to the look, there are a couple rules here to help keep things modern and elegant. For starters, you should choose one of the following: eyes or lips, not both. If you’re going for dark eyes keep your lips natural looking and vice versa. The key here is to emphasize your features without looking distracting.

Another trend in modern goth that differs a bit from the classic goth of old is that you don’t have to go with only black, the modern color palate is a bit more inclusive. Dark purples, blues, reds, and browns can be worn without making you seem like you’re a dark and troubled person. Start with a dark eyeliner in your choice of color, and then choose a slightly lighter version of that color for the eyeshadow. When done correctly, you should have a dark smoky and elegant look. Don’t be afraid to add a little dark bling to your nails and face. Stick with the darker tones, but a little shine here and there is the updated style.

Instead of building a heavy base of a super pale foundation, to contrast the eyes and lips, this modern look is more about balance. This requires that you apply foundation sparingly. What you’re looking for is an even, balanced base that looks clean and makes your skin shine. This should provide a good contrast to the dark makeup without looking overly goth. Start your modern goth look with a solid primer, moisturizer, and concealer. If your face looks a little too pale for your liking, try using a small amount of blush to add some color to your cheeks. Another layer you can add to the look is some cheek contouring. This will help the pale base seem a little more exciting.

Black lips with graphic eyes

If you want to stray a bit from this classy but simple modern goth look, there are some easy changes to your eyes that you can make. If the smoky eye look is too overdone or boring for you, try some variations like cat eye eyeliner or pointed eyeliner wings. If you decide to go with dark lips and you don’t want to leave your eyes natural, try applying a light eye shadow like silver or gold. Also, don’t forget to take care of your eyebrows. Again, remember that balance is key here. If you have dark eye makeup on, keep the eyebrows mild and don’t overdo it!

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