Monochrome Dressing

No, this is not some kind of low-calorie topping for a bunch of lettuce, cukes, carrots and tomatoes. Monochrome dressing is an idea whose time has come, and now, fashionistas-all, get ready to embrace the new “black” in women’s best up-and-coming looks: It’s time to toss the whole mosaic menagerie that’s been flooding the scene, from social media to real-time. We’re getting ready to go all the way, but this time, in monochromatic one-color style! Everyone has had that time when they might have gotten a comment about looking like a Power Ranger–well, maybe not exactly a Power Ranger comment, but more like looking way overboard on the whole matching thing. Layering your colors has become a unique art form, well celebrated everywhere, from the NYC catwalks and Fashion Week to all the glossy pages of every readworthy fashion mag, and for some time now. Matching too much has been the best way to produce a proverbial slap on the hand and a big, Scooby-Doo-styled, “Rut-row!”

Woman wearing a black dress

Be a Color–all the Way
Now, you can wholeheartedly arrange your closet contents by color–and fearlessly represent, just like the themes on Sesame Street. “This day is brought to you by the color ‘_________’ “-fill in the blank. Monday’s theme could be all-yellow; Tuesday’s, all blue. The colors don’t necessarily have to be the same values, but they do need to be the same color. Boy, getting dressed has never been easier, with the whole process revolving around selecting a color, and then going with it. Monochromatic dressing is an absolutely fabulous way to visually slim down–a secret known by designers for eons.

There’s Much Room for Variety Within a Single Color
This isn’t pertaining to subtle anything, with new, bold colors trending–and go ahead and bring on the solids, prints, plaids, stripes and polka dots–as long as they “color-match.” And then, start thinking about textures. By mixing up your textures, it’ll be kind of like sculpting your whole look, in an infinite variety of varied textures and forms. And the best look is to vary the shading, with a lighter version at the top and going darker at the bottom, or vice versa. Probably the main place where monochromatic dressing has failed in the past came from dressing all in one color, one solid, or print, one texture, one shade. Like you were dipped in a colorant and hung out to dry. There’s something so cool about layering, all in the same color!

Woman wearing a blue top

We Were Headed There Already
Anyone who was paying attention to the earlier trending black and white thing could have predicted designers taking it one step further, with one less color component. Although it is worth a mention that there will be prints and certain other color-blocked looks that rely upon a second color. These are perfectly acceptable within the whole monochromatic thing–just as long as the secondary color does not compete for dominance by volume. There’s nothing cartoony or superhero about this look. It’s classic and timeless, and everyone probably has everything they need to begin doing this look right in their closet, right now. Monochrome dressing conveys a really cool kind of power, too. Commanding but attractive. To be taken seriously and even a bit mysterious, too. Let them wonder, as they’ll dare not ask. They won’t even know what questions to ask. And a lot of women already sporting monochrome are adding spots of partner color splashes, with shoes and purses.

The Caveat
It might become necessary to share you color choice with anyone you’ll be hanging out with. And the monochrome dressing thing stops with you. If you try to get your guy to comply… well, don’t.

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