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If you haven’t already noticed (yeah, right,) we’re living in a time where finally, there’s more of an open mind to tweaking every facet of life, style and attitude than ever before. If anything could stand to be improved and there’s a way to do it without being financially prohibitive in the long run, governing minds are ready and wanting to hear all about it, and put it into action. This has represented a fabulous boon to the areas of business and education, two of the biggest industries (yes, education is an industry,) always, just by the nature of what they represent and what they accomplish, needing an ongoing eval & redo. We’re starting to finally “get” the whole concept of single use, and how to go about providing business and consumers with more articulate ways of accessing the choice. Somewhat unfamiliar with the concept? Read on.

Rentals no Longer for Those Who Can’t Afford to Buy
For practically eternity, people have rented their housing, horses, furniture, cars, equipment, technology and tons of other stuff, and it’s always been regarded by others as a way for people of insufficient means of buying to have pretty much anything they want, regardless of the reasons. Because of this, renting has also developed a kind of stigma, among people who have been financially successful or blessed, as a less-deserved and less authentic means of “ownership.” Well, first, it’s not always been the poor who have rented things, but thankfully, the entire way we now look at renting and its benefits has transformed to become big business.

This Temporary Life we Live
Surely it has a lot to do with the temporary nature of practically everything. There’s got to be a stream of valuable and currently trending change for everything and everyone in order to stay plugged in and be effective. What works today doesn’t always work tomorrow. And who wants to invest so much time and money in elements that may only be needed once or twice? In buying expensive things, from real estate to a ball gown, afterwards, you have two choices: keep it and keep using it, keep it and don’t use it or sell it. Selling is mostly a headache and not always profitable. Renting means you get it for a fraction of the cost to buy, you use it and you return it, unencumbered and free.

How Renting Has been Transformed
Look at these two important ways (out of so very many others,) in which renting has resolved previous issues for people of all net worth:

Just because you can afford to buy a tuxedo, doesn’t mean you necessarily want to own one–and be more or less stuck with that one, for life’s fancy affairs requiring them. Tux rentals have been proliferating for ages, but now they’re being joined by all other types of fashion that typically costs big bucks, and most of all–allows us to show up, all dressed to impress, and return the ensemble, never to be seen wearing it again. Even the most dazzling ever, multi-thousand dollar dress that produces nothing but gaping jaws all drooling and envy to the moon, only works once. Wear it a second time, to a second anything, and not only will it produce “Oh, THAT again,” but wearing a second time undoes the wow-factor it produced the first time. Google clothing rentals and you’ll find all types of clothing and outfits that you can rent. This means you can raise your business game to a new level of exuding success, and nobody has to know. Another perk is all the closet space you’ll gain.

Business Space
Surely the whole concept is one of those Why didn’t someone think of this earlier type of thing. Talk about flair–you can now pick a city and pick an address at the most awesome location of any city, ever. You can afford it, because it’s a rental! Everywhere, you’ll see more and more of these ready-to-go and fully furnished office spaces to rent. Find the most impressive looking corporate offices and executive suites imaginable, all walk-in, plug-in and “ready as yours” business centers for any budget. You can even rent support staff!

What You Get

  • Smaller commitment means pay a fraction with minimal commitment for a space that’s fully ready to use, from furnishings and equipment to staff and amenities. On your terms. Just pay for what you need as long as you’ll need it.
  • Focus on Operating Your Business, not Space Details, anywhere in the WORLD.
  • Gorgeous, Impressive and Most Advanced Workspaces and Collaborative Environments.
  • Receptionists, WIFI, Admin and Tech Support are Yours.

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