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New Research Highlights Another Benefit Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin that we all know boasts incredible benefits.  Outside of some of the more obvious perks, scientists have continued to do research on vitamins like vitamin D to find out how else we can make use of these types of nutrients. Thanks to their constant discoveries, there are new research highlights another benefit of vitamin D. We don’t know about you, but another benefit of vitamin D had our ears perk up and we just HAD to share it with you.

Recently, two universities have found similar discoveries as to some new benefits of vitamin D. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center are the two universities that have done some further research on this topic. Throughout their studies, they’ve found that vitamin D can have a positive impact on the healing of sunburn. As it turns out, in their findings, it appears that after a person develops sunburn on their skin from the sun if they expose their skin to vitamin D around an hour or so the sunburn’s effects on the skin greatly decreases. They found that the exposure to this additional vitamin D after obtaining sunburn on the skin, there was a significant decrease in inflammation (a common symptom of sunburn) and even helped to increase the cell repairing in the skin (since cells are greatly damaged when sunburn is caused this is vital).

Vitamin D has also grown to become a common way to treat and/or minimize the struggles of psoriasis and other skin inflammation problems. Because of vitamin D’s ability to reduce inflammation, it makes sense that it’s being used to treat other skin conditions.

While this is all great news, the researchers indicate that there’s still research that needs to be done in order for those using vitamin D in this way to use it as effectively as possible. It is suggested to ensure that your vitamin D levels are where they should be, which can help to avoid some of these struggles from occurring in the first place. Taking vitamin D in supplement form is known to be one of the best options, for now. Unfortunately, many people tend to be vitamin D deficient which can lead to inflammation and skin problems to become worse or be difficult to heal.

The good news is that because vitamin D is now on the radar of researchers like these, there’s a good chance that they may continue using this information to formulate more beneficial topical forms of vitamin D to help with the healing process of these types of skin concerns. While there are currently topical vitamin D ointments, it’s said that they’re not always known to help in the best way because it’s tricky to create a beneficial formula.

We don’t know about you, but any step in the right direction is exciting for us!

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