Outfit Ideas for Every Holiday Occasion

Woman wearing a red dress

The holiday season takes place over a long span of dates and made up of several specific holidays, with each one producing a myriad of various gatherings, celebrations and services. These all come with a special need to be suitably dressed, in attire that is elevated above average, work a day clothing ensembles. Most people could quickly go broke in attempting to purchase a complete array of different “nice” outfits to wear at the various holiday venues they’ll be attending, but it’s a really undesirable thought, to proceed into the holiday season with one, go-to outfit that will have to suffice for all of these distinctive holiday affairs. No one enjoys hearing low-voiced comments like, “Didn’t she wear that dress on Tuesday at Hannah’s Christmas tea?” and “Well, we all know what she’ll be wearing on Saturday night!” So, is there a happy place that exists somewhere between maxing out all of your credit cards, and just resigning to “dress out” in a single holiday uniform, for the entire span of the season’s best?

Begin With the Basics
With a little bit of savvy wardrobe planning, you can pull off as many distinctive holiday outfits as you might need, and still have money for gift shopping, to boot! Begin by establishing a few basics, from one or two solid colored dresses, one solid color lightweight dressy top and one solid colored bulky fancy-type sweater. Sticking with solids, add one tea length black form-fitting skirt, and a couple shorter ones with details like pleats or signature hem features. If you include any prints or patterns, that’s fine–it’s just that these are most likely to be noticed right off the bat, when duplicated. And the bolder, the better–just put some healthy distance between wearing, and you’ll be fine. With solids, you can mix and match them and at the same time, bring in fancy fashion flair in the form of headwear, scarves, jackets, belts shawls and jewelry. By stocking up on a bunch of nifty but inexpensive accent pieces, you’ll be able to transition from outfit to outfit without ever appearing to dress in the same outfit twice.

Shoes Set the Tone
Believe it or not–your choice of footwear goes a long way in defining your whole look. Not that you would necessarily wear a Minnetonka to a high-tone corporate Christmas function–(but even if you might) envision showing up at the holiday soiree sporting these fringed flat footed boots with your little black dress. Now, visualize the vivid distinction between slipping into those suede knee-highs and the alternate style choice to pour yourself into a little elegant lace-detailed black stockings that disappear into ravishing stilettos. By the shoes you choose, you can add height, color and attitude to any ensemble. Shop Etsy for some clever and fun holiday-styled clip-on shoe embellishments for extra seasonal flair.

Woman wearing a black dress.

Wear it Well
By investing in a variety of oversized scarves and shawls, you will transform what you’re wearing marvelously. Oversized scarves in solids, as well as a few featuring significant holiday effects give you superpowers in handling a somewhat limited selection of holiday default garments. Check out the myriad of large scarf-tying tutorials on the Internet, and you’ll be set–all season long. And, there’s a lot of transformative advantage to be gained from going big with so many of the new hairstyles–especially the updos and variety of braids. And practice saying, “Oh, this little thing?” Never reveal your secrets!

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