Pajamas & Japanese Fashion

Japanese fashion has always been ahead of its time, on the cutting edge.  Typically when you see Japanese street style it differs quite drastically from street style in other parts of the world, which is likely why we’re all so fascinated by Japanese fashion.  Since we know that the Japanese culture is always on the cutting edge of stepping outside the box with fashion, it’s really no surprise that they’ve even started to bring their pajamas into their street style!  These aren’t your yoga pants you see in the United States, but instead, more formal type of pjs.  Let’s break this down…

Woman wearing silk pyjamas

Silk Pajamas
Many Japanese fashionistas are incorporating silk pajama elements into their everyday street style.  But honestly, the way they’re combining them you’d never know they’re actually pajamas!  Because of the super shiny silk material many silk pajamas are made out of they give a unique texture element to the outfit.  Additionally, when worn with other clothes suddenly they don’t look like you’re going to be but instead heading out.

Kimono inspired dress /

Kimono Inspired
Many of us think of Kimonos when we think of Japanese style.  Although many Japanese women don’t necessarily wear kimonos on a daily basis, doesn’t mean there isn’t a kimono influence in the style.  Many of the pajamas that are being worn in street style have a lot of traditional Japanese designs on them, resembling what you may think of being on a kimono.  It’s a fun and unique way for Japanese fashionistas to dress in a really cutting-edge way, but still embrace and celebrate their culture.

The Japanese street style fashionistas aren’t the only ones adapting the silk pajamas in their daily wardrobe, there have actually been quite a few fashion bloggers that have done outfits in silk pajamas.  Again, wearing silk pajamas in Japanese inspired prints.  There’s something so effortless, timeless and chic about the combination of silk and Japanese design.  The fact that the pajamas that are being brought into street style are silk, really makes it easier to bring them into your daytime looks.  The fun thing about Japanese style, in general, is that it’s constantly pushing the boundaries and stepping out in outfits that ladies in other parts of the world might not.

Wearing pajamas with regular, daytime clothes isn’t necessarily something you’d see walking down the streets in the United States.  But the constant rise in popularity of the trend in Japanese culture is undeniable and it’s bound to catch on in other ways.  Whether you love it or not, you have to admit they must be comfortable!  It’s always interesting to see how other cultures adapt different trends and show their personalities through their street style.  And that’s really what style is all about, embracing your personality, body, and expressing yourself.  Japanese fashionistas are rocking their pajamas out of the house now, it should be interesting to see what comes next!

What do you think of Japanese fashionistas wearing their pjs in their daily life?

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