Pinterest Beauty Predictions for 2016

When in doubt–where do inquiring minds go, for the definitive, low-down on the latest and greatest trends? Look no further than to the leading source–Pinterest. It’s the idea place of the Internet. So, when it comes to the year ahead of us, what better place to look, than Pinterest? And, as in true Pinterest fashion, they’ve already shared with the world what they anticipate to be the biggest beauty predictions of 2016. Here are some of the best:


The 2016 Selfie
The new selfies will be proliferating with a lot of backlighting, to create some impressive new effects produced by purposeful use of background ambient light as the portrait backdrops. These will create some cool ethereal effects and bring a flattering softness to your whole look.

Woman with big eyebrows.

Going Big, With Eyebrows
It’s already happening–as evidenced in all the current mags. Eyebrows are getting bushier, fuller and framing the eye in a super kind of appeal. Look out for all the new, innovative hacks that help you to easily enhance them, create more fullness and extend them further.

Woman with beautiful hair

Hair, Naturally
This year, it’s going to be all about going with what God-given hair you were born with, and playing it up, rather than combatting or changing it. With more products to create health, shine and bounce, and less to exert control, there’ll be a bigger influx of accessorizing hair, from subtle accents to many that are going big, in a big way. Themed accessories, antique brooches, fringed frillies and more will all become statement pieces falling under the guise of celebrating our individuality for hair of 2016. Put up the hot tools and all those gels, mousses and hairsprays and go au naturel, or go home!

Woman getting hair colored

Fluid Hair Painting
Similar to balayage, but this one’s performed with you lying on your back or sitting in a reclined chair with a table behind you, upon which you lay your head, with your hair fanned out above and to either side of you. With many tremendous benefits, this presentation of your hair to be dyed allows the colorist to apply color in a manner that will not rely upon where you place your part or how you style your hair, in order to look good. These horizontal hair colors are already trending and meeting with incredible responses. This technique provides the colorist with more placement control of color, and is suitable for every type of color effects, from rainbow to some subtle highlights.

Woman wearing workout clothes

Welcome to Athleisure
Already hitting big, this is the recent move to more comfortable clothing in more standard places. It takes the attire previously only suited for workouts and the gym and makes it ideal for doubling at the office or while running errands, like shopping. This new, great convenience has also been reducing the surge of jeans.

Cat eyes

The Adele Eye
This trend is all about going big with liquid eyeliner, and those perfectly rendered and symmetrical wings, off to either side. Apparently everyone wants to copy the singer, whose makeup hacks appear to be on pointe with her distinctive voice. It’s all about her eyeliner, her statement blush and those luscious, full and very nude Adele lips.

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