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Planning The Perfect Boho Themed Wedding

So…planning a wedding?  Planning a wedding is one thing, but planning a boho themed wedding is a whole other thing.  We know that brides want their special day to be, well…special.  Ok, and perfect too – it is YOUR day after all.  We realize that if you resonate with the boho theme for your wedding, you may not be sure what exactly you should include in your planning process to really hit home with the boho theme.  So we’re sharing some of our favorite tips we’ve found for planning the perfect boho themed wedding.  So all you boho themed brides can be sure to have the best boho wedding you could imagine!

Look For a Nature-esque Venue
Let’s face it, when we think of boho we think of free spirited, and nature related vibes.  To really hit home with your boho themed wedding, choosing a venue that continues that theme is going to really help your guests (and YOU!) get into that boho theme – really FEEL the theme.  Look for alternative venues that incorporate nature.  Outdoor venues can be incredible for boho themed weddings, but if outdoor isn’t really an option for you – how about a loft style venue?  There are plenty of options, but think outside of the traditional venue spaces to really hone in on your theme.

Keep the Looks Light
When you think of boho – don’t you think of light and free flowing?  So do we, so incorporating that theme into your look, your groom’s look, and of course the bridal party is going to really bring it all together.  Choosing a dress that continues that boho vibe, and getting the guys on board with lighter color shirts and pants (khaki colors are great here).  Typically, a boho themed wedding is a bit more relaxed, so bring that out in your look and everyone else’s.  Remember the guys don’t HAVE to wear a suit and tie, try khakis and suspenders for something different to really keep the theme going.  Lace is always a boho themed feel for the ladies, too.

Mix and Match the Décor

Of course, we can’t forget to give you some tips on the décor.  Decorating a boho themed wedding isn’t going to be like the traditional wedding décor – and that’s the fun part about it!  Bringing in some vintage or vintage-esque looking dinnerware is a great way to really get some of the boho theme into the smallest details.  One of the fun parts of boho theme is the fact that it’s not traditional, and doesn’t have to be matchy matchy so including different colors, prints and patterns throughout your décor is perfect.  And of course we can’t forget to mention the flowers!  While regardless of the theme, flowers are pretty synonymous with flowers, for a boho theme it’s typically a bit different.  Incorporating flowers that are a bit more ‘wild’ or natural looking is going to be the perfect way to continue your theme with your flowers.

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