Preventing Infections from Piercings

Woman with piercings

When you get a new piercing taking care of the area is crucial to your health and preventing any kind of infection to appear.  While often times we don’t think of piercings as a big deal, but they can involve risk if not taken seriously enough.  Luckily there are a few simple steps and aftercare tips to keep in mind to help you avoid getting any infections from your piercings, leaving you able to enjoy it instead!

Go to a Professional
Let’s face it there are a lot of iffy piercing establishments around local towns, but when you’re dealing with something like a piercing it’s really important to only go to a location that’s keeping up with their hygiene.  Because there are potential health risks that can arise from piercings when not done in a clean environment, think twice about where you choose to go.  It’s ok to scope out the place before making the plunge to get the piercing done.  Make sure the environment looks safe, look for reviews and recommendations, and look up the business online.  When it’s your health there aren’t too many precautions that can be taken, it’s better to be safe than sorry!  Make sure that the establishment has the proper equipment and qualified professionals working, so you know you’re in proper hands.

Take Care
It may seem simple, but aftercare can often be complex, particularly when infections arise.  It’s really important to take care of the area you got your piercing in.  The piercing area may have some redness or swelling for a few days after, it’s a good idea to ask the professional what’s normal and to be expected in this area (so you know if something isn’t normal).  Try to avoid touching the area too much, because it’s a newly sensitive area it’s important to not mess with it too much.  This also goes for being careful of clothes or anything rubbing up against the area too much at least for a few days following the initial piercing.  Next, you’re going to need to keep up with cleaning the piercing and the skin.  Keeping the area as clean as possible will help with the healing process.  If you let it go too long without cleaning, that’s often where problems come into play.

Getting a piercing is definitely not something to be taken lightly.  Because it’s dealing with your body, and in turn your health, it’s something that needs to be taken seriously.  If you’re thinking about getting a piercing make sure you’ve thought out the process and feel confident in your decision, because it is permanent!  Follow these steps and make sure you actually follow through with them.  So often with think we can kind of slack on these types of ‘rules’ but that’s where infections sneak in, it’s best to follow these steps strictly to ensure you get through the healing process infection free.

Do any of these tips surprise you?

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