Princess Mary of Denmark

Princess Mary of Denmark

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Princess Mary is Danish royalty, but she’s not just a princess, she’s also a beauty and style icon.  Known for switching up her looks often, who seems to never age.  While many of those that are royalty around the world seem to have style that isn’t obtainable by the average person, Princess Mary has a way of stepping out looking amazing but approachable.  She’s consistently wearing fashion-forward pieces but her looks feel like something the rest of us could achieve on our budgets, which is probably why she was actually recently voted the most stylish royal (coming in above Kate Middleton!).

Sure, Princess Mary has access to the best brands, stylists, and designers around the world but unlike many she still looks down-to-earth.  Her style is consistently on the classic end, she often opts for solid colors and clothes that are very streamlined but always has a way of putting things together to feel current and even fashion forward.  Another common theme through her style is she seems to always be sure to wear things that fit to her body, not skin tight but we SEE where her shape is.  Which is a great style trick we can all take note of, wearing items that fit close to the body are often slimming (going against what most of us think).

While Princess Mary is known for being fashion forward, she does tend to keep her makeup minimal and classic.  She has incredible skin that she let’s shine through in her looks.  Even pictures of her at royal events she doesn’t look to be caked with makeup, but rather lightly dusted  – highlighting her natural beauty.  She seems to enjoy emphasizing a natural glow with her makeup.   If you’re interested in celebrating your inner Princess and taking notes from Princess Mary, here are some things to consider:

Keep it Simple
Think less is more!  Natural glow is the way to go when looking to achieve a look like Mary.  Light coverage on the foundation just to even out the skin tone.  Just add a touch of concealer under the eyes to brighten, along with a light-handed application of blush and bronzer.

Highlight Your Features
Princess Mary’s look may be simple, but it’s effective because she knows which features to highlight.  She always has her brows filled in to perfection, which is a great trick to frame the face without using a lot of product.  Additionally, she used blush and bronzer to lightly contour her face.  She doesn’t go full Kardashian contour, but instead just uses a light application of products to achieve the look.

Just like she keeps her makeup simple, her clothing is streamlined and simple as well.  She’s always in clean lines that, again, emphasize and highlight her features.  It’s common to see her in clothes that emphasize her waistline whether it’s a dress with a defined waist or shirt tucked into a skirt.  She keeps things easy but effective.

It’s no wonder Princess Kate is a style and beauty icon throughout the world, she makes both areas feel less intimidating and shows us that less really is more.


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