Prom Party Guide: How to Host the Party of the Year

Women dancing in a party.

Prom is one of those times in everyone’s lives that they want to take advantage of, and remember forever. Many teens choose to host prom after parties at their home (with mom and dad’s say so, hopefully) and want to make their party better than the rest. With so many parties for people to choose to attend, you should probably ask yourself the questions: “What makes my party different from the rest? Why should people want to come to mine over someone else’s?” Lionesse is here to help you plan the party of the year with this prom party guide.

Beautifully decorated table at a party.

Pick a Party Theme & Decor
Just like prom, you will want your party to have a cool, memorable, and fun theme for everyone to enjoy. Choose something fun that everyone will like, but don’t pick something completely overrated for the simple fact that it’s all been done before. Be creative. What can you decorate your place to look like? Maybe the set from your favorite movie, or a fairy tale themed party, or maybe even choose a theme to make your party room look like another place or country. String up some rope lighting or Chinese paper lantern lighting. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to be original.

Photo booths.

Rent a Photo Booth
A cool, innovative idea for your prom party that everyone will love is to rent a photo booth. These can usually be rented from party suppliers, and aren’t too over the top expensive – so even a high school kid working at their local convenience store can afford one. This will give everyone the chance to take happy, memorable photos in a fun and creative way. Now, the hard part will be finding a place to put it…

Friends having fun at a pool party.

Organized Activities
You want to entertain your guests, and what better way to do that than with organized activities? Not everyone has to participate in them if they don’t want to – the point is, they are there for those that do. Break out the board games, movies, and hands on things to do outside if the weather is nice. Maybe you can even get the pool ready and host a pool party – the sky’s the limit! Make sure there are different options that will make everyone happy.

Lots of fresh fruits at a table in a party.

Food – Lots of It!
What prom party would be complete without some delicious food? Choose things you know your guests will love, like pizza – lots and lots of pizza – and finger foods. Maybe you could even hire a caterer, if you want to be extra fancy about it. Make sure you also include healthy options, such as fresh fruit, and veggies for the health conscious party goers. Stock up on non-alcoholic (yes, we said it) drinks for everyone as well – they will go quickly. Go wild, because chances are, you won’t have anything left at the end of the night – except the crumbs you will need to meticulously clean up off of the floor, or else mom might lose her mind.

A stage set for comedy night.

Hire a Comedian
Much different from the magic shows you experienced at birthday parties as a kid, hiring a comedian to come out to your party location will blow everyone’s minds. Many of them won’t charge too much, and will keep the party alive and laughing all night long. And – what’s better than laughing with some good friends?

DJ entertaining the crowd at a party.

Hire a DJ or Band & Let the Music Play
If you really want to blow everyone’s mind, hire a DJ or band to come out and play at your event. This will keep things interesting and alive all night long. Have them play music everyone will enjoy and give them a wide variety of music to dance to.

Friends having a blast at a party.

Make Memories
The biggest part of the night will ultimately be making memories with your friends. Soon, college will be here and you will most likely all part ways. Some you will keep in touch with, others you won’t. Your prom party night is all about making memories to last a lifetime, and finding ways to show your friends how much you care. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to do anything too crazy or anything you might regret, though.

Lionesse hopes this guide helps you to throw the best prom party of the year – and with this advice, chances are, you will.

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