Prom Prep: Party Etiquette

Prom parties are a big part of prom life itself, and you have no doubt received prom party invitations. When it comes to choosing which party to go to, how to respond, and how to decline invitations politely, do you have what it takes? What about your behavior while you’re at the party – have you thought about the different circumstances you might encounter? Lionesse is here to give you some useful advice and tips – and we hope you take our word for it, so that you can be safe and happy at your chosen prom party – and be proud of yourself in the end.

Man helping his date out of the limo.

Be Polite & Courteous
When you are given party invitations, the best thing you can do is to respond politely – whether or not you intend on going – in a prompt and courteous manner. If you’ve received an invite from someone you aren’t that fond of, reply with something like, “Thank you for your invitation, but I regret to inform you that I will need to decline your invitation due to other plans for the evening. Thank you.” Keep it simple, and to the point – but always remain courteous. On the other hand, if you are planning on attending a party, it’s courteous to respond and RSVP promptly so the party host can make necessary arrangements for food and other things.

Boy giving his prom date a floral corsage.

Keep It Classy
When attending a prom party, you should always stay classy. This goes for clothes, hair, makeup – and attitude. Don’t allow yourself to act like someone you’re not, and everything will fall into place. Don’t sit and gossip about others, as tempting as it may be. Stay focused on having fun, and your night is sure to be divine.

Man pouring his date a drink at a prom event.

Don’t Make Any Mistakes You Will Regret
Prom parties tend to have their share of bad news, as most of you know. When attending a prom party, be sure to steer clear of making bad decisions and choices that you might regret the next day. Ask yourself if the choices you make are going to affect your future in any negative way, or if they hold the potential for them to. If so, stay away. Alcohol, sex, and riding in the car with someone who has been drinking are the number three top regrets of prom party goers, according to polls. Don’t make decisions you wouldn’t be proud of – because these things can’t be taken back.

Group of friends dressed for the prom.

Arrive With Friends, Leave With Friends
One of the safest ways to arrive and leave prom is with a group of friends you can trust. Everyone can watch everyone’s back, make sure all is well for each other, and this way, everyone stays safe – because you just never know what could happen. Stick with friends at the party, and be sure not to leave without telling a friend where you are going.

Lionesse hopes this guide to prom party etiquette has helped you to make educated decisions before actually attending your party, and provides you with some common sense logic to think about before heading out on the big night. Stay safe, and have fun!

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