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Protect Your Eyes From The Sun’s Winter Rays

So many of us fall into that mindset where the winter months don’t require sun protection.  But the thing is, even though the weather is colder and we may not see the sun quite as often as we do during the summer months we still need to make sure we’re protecting ourselves from the sun.  You’ve probably heard and are well versed in protecting your skin from the sun, but our eyes need protection as well!  We’re sharing how and why to protect your eyes from the sun’s winter rays, so you keep your eyes well protected all year long.

UV Rays Wreak Havoc On Your Eyes
We know the UV rays from the sun can do a number on our skin in terms of damage, but that same damage can be done to our eyes when we don’t make sure that we protect them properly.  Lack of eye protection from the sun can lead to a number of problems.  From vision loss to cataracts, the severity of your eye struggles can range depending on how much exposure your eyes have had to the sun.  See why it’s so important to make sure you’re protecting your eyes well?

Cover Your Eyes!
Ok, so now that you know the importance of eye protection, because of the damage the UV rays from the sun can do to your eyes, we want to make sure you really know the best methods to protect your eyes from the sun.  Sunglasses are essential for eye protection from the sun.  Experts suggest that when looking for sunglasses you look for lenses that protect against UVA and UVB rays – these are the two types of rays that tend to do the most damage to eyes.  Of course, we realize that you want to look great in your sunglasses and they are a fashion accessory – don’t sacrifice function and protection for style.  Just wearing sunglasses will help, but you can still experience some damage if you don’t have the proper UV protection for your eyes.  The other suggestion that many experts suggest to do when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun’s winter rays is to wear hats.  Sunglasses do a lot of the work, but if you really want to take your eye protection seriously adding a hat that helps to cover your eyes from the sun’s rays will give you that added bonus and keep those rays off your eyes.  You will likely want to opt for a hat that has a bit of a brim that will actually cover your face and eyes from the sun.  Again, we realize it’s all about a fashion statement, but fortunately there are a lot of stylish hats that can give you some eye protection AND keep you looking great.

Since we’re in the midst of the winter season, make sure you’re not skipping out on protecting your eyes from the winter rays.  Remember that the sun can be just as damaging this time of year.

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