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Rainy Day Beauty Rescue

Sometimes it seems like rainy days approach when you feel like you’re having a great hair or makeup day, and sometimes that rain literally rains on your parade.  We’ve all been there, but truthfully the rain doesn’t have to put such a damper on your beauty routine – we promise!  Fortunately for you, we’ve discovered some of the best tips to looking good on a rainy day.  Yes, it’s possible and no it doesn’t mean having a team of professionals do your beauty routine for you (or carry an umbrella around for you, either).

Be Strategic About Your Makeup
The thing about rainy days is they can be predictable and there’s nothing worse than having streaks of makeup running down your face because of the crazy rainy weather.  Of course, the first thing to consider is opting for waterproof makeup products like mascara and eyeliner.  However, in addition to the obvious one of the not-so-obvious tips we have is to go light on your makeup overall on rainy days.  Since the rain is typically joined with humidity, it can cause that dreaded melting face to take effect and NO one wants that.  What we mean by going light is specifically with your moisturizer and foundation products – if you’re using heavier coverage in either of these switch them out on rainy days for options that are lighter weight.  This will help keep your makeup from slipping too much.  Don’t forget to finish your foundation application off with powder products to help set them in place.  In addition, many makeup experts suggest making sure that you really blend your makeup well, so it’s actually molded/blended into your skin rather than just sitting on top of it.  This will also help avoid a lot of slippage from happening.  Makeup blending sponges are great to use in this situation.

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Give Your Hair Life
It always seems like rainy days are automatic bad hair days, but what if they don’t have to be?  Experts suggest that once you’ve styled your hair you should apply an anti-humidity product to your hair.  This helps to lock in your hairstyle and help it from being negatively affected by the humid weather.  If you find that your hair is greatly impacted by humidity, try bringing a small container of your favorite anti-humidity product with you for the day so you can touch up any areas that may be more affected as you continue throughout your day.  Ok, so you know what to do AFTER you’ve styled your hair, don’t think we forgot to share a tip for actually styling your hair efficiently.  Updos tend to work out best on rainy days so you’re not having to worry about the wind quite as much.  But the key to really having a great updo in the first place is to make use of a texturizing product.  The texturizing product is going to help your hair stay in the updo much better and give your hair a bit more volume as well.  Keep in mind that you can style your hair with a bit more volume than you may actually want in anticipation that it may fall a tad.

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