Recycle These Fashion Trends From 2015

women wearing a sweatshirt

One of the frustrating things about fashion is it can sometimes feel like just when you get into a trend it leaves! The fashion industry is definitely one that moves quickly, with new trends appearing every season. But we get it, you’re a real woman and it can be exhausting chasing the trends all the time. We thought it would be fun to go through some of the trends from LAST fall that you can still wear this season and feel just as updated. We promise, there are more than you think! Ready?

Long coats
If you remember last fall, there was a massive burst in popularity of long jackets and vests. Well, fortunately, they’re still holding popularity this fall season! There are a ton of different styles and colors in the long coats, but if you jumped on the bandwagon and really enjoyed the style last year you’re going to be able to enjoy it for another season and know that you’re on point. Last year they became known as a duster style jacket or vest, regardless we love them! This style jacket is super fun and easy to throw on over virtually anything and create an instantly unique look.

Short skirts
Generally, in the colder weather climate we start to see skirt and dress lengths getting longer, but last fall there were shorter skirts that came onto the scene. Even with suit outfits, skirt lengths were shorter. Personally, we loved it because it felt fresh and new. The good news is you can totally recycle this fashion trend from 2015 and bring it into fall 2016! Short skirts are still larger than life in popularity and it seems like they’re going to be just as popular this fall as they were last fall.

Over-the-knee boots
Ahhh over the knee boots have REALLY made a splash since fall 2015, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down AT ALL. If you’ve seen any pictures of ANY of the Kardashian ladies, you’ve seen them donning over the knee boots even through the summer (hot flash, anyone?). Regardless, there are more and more styles of over the knee boots available so if you don’t have a pair it’s something that you can still give a try. But if you did invest in the trend last year, you’re in luck because you can whip those babies out again and rock them all fall long.

over the knee boots

90’s vibe
There was a slight 90’s vibe in some trends happening last fall, it started with some sweatshirts and since fall the 90’s vibe has just gotten bigger. It seems like we’re in a full 90’s revival right now, and it’s pretty fun! Some runways for fall 2015 were showing scarves worn more like a choker and would you know what? Chokers are EVERYWHERE right now and don’t expect them to leave anytime soon. So if you’re a 90’s girl and loved the 90’s vibe last fall, you’re in luck – lady!

What trend(s) will you recycle from fall 2015?

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