Ripped Jeans & Baby Doll Shirts

Baby doll dress and ripped jeans

Jeans, as always, are big business in the entire fashion realm of 2016, with entirely new rips and tears all over the place. The latest trending hotspot is in frayed hems, and when denim meets fray, the results are always stupendous. Whether in jean form or jacket form, denim is the scene in 2016 fashion trends, but it’s got to be ripped, bent and frayed–and the more the better.

It’s Surely All-Good
The trending look of ripped and torn jeans has been a long-wanted and manifested look, with an incredible mass of new ripped effects that are just right–and when it’s right, it’s right, right? This season, it’s all about scoring some serious denim style points, and there is nothing more good at making the right statements than jeans revealing a lot of endurance. So, the more rips and tears, the merrier, in terms of current (and surely long-trending good stuff. Pair the most artfully shredded duds with a gently soft touch of the pinnacle of fashion’s brightest inspirations. There is a certain seductive element to jeans that feature an element of escapism or a rugged run away from trouble, and then, when paired with a luxuriously soft, baby doll top–a certain conundrum is manifested, in the utmost aim of NYC runway efforts. Kudos! Look at what the new lineup has to offer, for the jeans-minded all chic fashionistas:

  • Sinner High Waisted
  • Vice High Waisted Skinny
  • Hustler Mid Rise
  • High Waisted
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Midrise

And then, just imagine all the denim color choices–with summery whites and pastels to cast an entirely new dimension into the mix. Anyone with even a lick of fashion sense has a bit of planning ahead, with fun and glamor in mind.

Baby, Just Look at These Baby Doll Shirts!
The newly trending baby doll shirts come in a myriad of selections, with the main distinctions being found in the sensual way they hug the female form and flatter the feminine form in the most luxurious of ways. Pair all of the choices in shirts open to the baby doll accents with ripped jeans, and there could never ever be a better way to convey all-out, full-blown sexy. Baby doll tops and shirts are prevalent in knit fabrics, however in true 90s flavor, the whole trend of sleeve hems, shirt hems and necklines of less giving fabrics like cotton and synthetic cotton blends were in. With softly channeled provisions through which ribbons, thickly woven threads and braided fabrics could be threaded and then cinched at a wide array of points, all of these points could be managed as loose or tight, depending on the wearer and the occasion.

During the 90s, there was a big influx of Hispanic embroidering accents that could absolutely rock the baby doll shirts of the era, and combined with the gathered effects–and the jeans with pinpointed shreds and rips–there was surely never another form of attraction within the entire realm of women’s fashion–outside of the all-out erotica shops, and we won’t go there right now.

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