Rock 20’s Style Today

Certain clothing items are not nearly as beautiful or replaceable as those of the 1920’s fashion era. During this time, women were liberated and society allowed and accepted the fact that women wanted a change. Fashions emerged that did away with the styles of old, where women were allowed to wear skirts that didn’t have to go to the ankle – now they would go just below the knees – and they were even allowed to wear pants during this time, a major breakthrough for women everywhere. Today, Lionesse is going to divulge how you can rock some of the 1920’s fashions and styles in today’s modern times.

Woman wearing a cloche hat.

Cloche Hats
Incorporating a cloche hat to your wardrobe is a fun, stylish way to revive a little bit of the 20’s with your outfits. These hats are versatile, and are not simply reserved for one style or another – nor are they reserved for one season or another. They are available in many different color schemes and styles, and you can even customize your own on certain websites online. Or, opt for your own customization at home, adding ribbons, beads, feathers and et cetera until you’re completely satisfied with the look.

Stylish woman wearing a fringed top.

Fringed Tops
Fringe was all the rage during the era of the Flapper ladies. Flapper styled dresses were huge during the era, and were somewhat of a lifestyle more than a fashion statement. Incorporating some fringe is not only super retro and vintage, but it’s also extremely modern as the fringed look is very much back in full swing.

Woman wearing a shapeless frock.

Shapeless Frocks
The 20’s was a time for women to begin wearing less constricting, less form fitting dresses, and this allowed women everywhere the right to wear shapeless dresses which were much more comfortable and stylish at the time than was a form fitting, constraining corset type top. Choose a shapeless knee length or mid-thigh length dress with a shapeless cut to get the look of the 20’s.

Woman wearing a vintage coat.

20’s Styled Coats
We know we’re in the dead of summer, and it’s brutally hot outside – but it’s time to begin thinking about your fall and winter coat selections, ladies! The fall season is right around the corner. If you want to opt for a unique 20’s styled coat look, choose something wool and loose, and opt for a long style that seems to ‘swipe’ or ‘drape’ the body rather than hug it. Think trench coat, yet more glamorous.

Woman wearing a hip-length sweater.

Hip Length Sweaters
Long sweaters were quite popular in the 20’s, and you can get the same look today by opting for a thin sweater in a very soft material, think cashmere, and stick to neutral colors such as tans, browns, creams and white. Pair it with a pleated knee-length skirt to really resurrect the look, or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans.