Secrets to a Great Cosplay Costume

Woman in a sexy cosplay costume.

When it comes to choosing your cosplay costume, you want to make sure everything looks like the real deal. After all, if you are going to be spending a significant amount of time getting ready, shouldn’t you look your best? Lionesse has put together a few cosplay costume idea secrets for you below to help you look your best and feel your sexiest in your costume. Whether your look is for Halloween, a party, Comic Con, or even just to dress up and have fun at home – you can get the look and really get into the swing of the costume by following our advice below.

Look at Pictures for Inspiration
One of the best ways you can get inspired for your costume is to look at lots of pictures of the original character before dressing up. Even famous world-renowned makeup artists look at pictures for inspiration, so don’t be afraid to spend some time looking through different ways to wear your costume or create your style before diving in.

Woman posing like Lara Croft.

Choose A Character You Love
Choosing a character you love is exceptionally important in terms of cosplay. Generally speaking, these types of costumes can cost a significant amount of money. Why wouldn’t you want to dress up in a character you totally adore? Make the most of it and choose wisely before purchasing. Also – be sure the costume fits properly before buying. Check out the size guidelines – this is very important when buying a costume online.

Get Creative
When it comes to your costume, you can make modifications to meet your specific tastes and desires. Maybe your favorite character costume is as close to perfect as it can be, except for a rip, tear, or other embellishments you may be able to add. Get creative and add on or take away however you see fit to make your costume more authentic.

Get Into Character
When you are dressed as the character, try to become the character. Not only is this exceptionally fun and interesting, it keeps you totally into the character you’re portraying – which, no doubt, will make the costume more authentic and real.

Woman holding a bow and arrow in a sexy cosplay costume.

Add Accessories
Accessories can really make a costume look and feel like the real deal, and sometimes the perfect accessory is all it takes to really set the costume off. Perhaps your favorite character which you are dressing up as wields a sword – therefore, you would want to have a sword very similar to the one used by your chosen character to really play up the costume. As we mentioned above, get creative and make modifications where necessary to take your costume to a whole new level.

Cosplay looks are a lot of fun to develop and get into. Have fun with your look. Sit with friends and come up with a theme together – think Sucker Punch or Kick Ass, or any other group themed villains or hero’s type of movie. Put together a costume with your significant other to really make something special for the two of you – whether you’re heading out, or even just staying indoors for the night. Have fun and remember, the sky is the limit with cosplay – anything is possible!

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