Shapewear Do’s and Don’ts

Model wearing shapewear

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Since first hitting the stores and boutiques, shapewear technology has evolved far from those meager beginnings–and all the trouble and discomfort associated with wearing it has disappeared. No more of that early, antiquated need for ribs and stays that are found in corsets. No more struggling like mad to get it to stay in the right place and be comfortable, either. There have been many needed improvements to the entire concept of shapewear during the recent years. Today’s version hardly resembles its predecessor in almost every way: It’s much lighter weight, easier to put on and take off and vastly more comfortable while wearing it. And with these significant improvements, the manufacturers of shapewear are finding a lot more of their products being sold to a greater percent of women.

Redefining What Looking Good Means
When worn the correct way, today’s shapewear provides the best way to shape, form and finely tweak the feminine silhouette, giving it an ultimate desirability. Even fashions that fit perfectly somehow are made more beautiful in the way they hang and drape the more closely defined hourglass shape that is what all shapewear aims to accomplish, and with a stunning smoothness that is unrecognizable by others. When certain important details are not observed regarding the “how to” of shapewear, wearing it can result in producing nothing but the wrong kind of attention that–if the wearer could stand outside of their own body to observe–would be awfully embarrassing, at best. Here are some major do’s and don’ts to know.

DO: Learn the correct way of dressing in shapewear. There’s an easy way and every other way is hard enough to disinterest you in wearing it. And then, when you wear it the wrong way, shapewear can do everything from absolutely nothing, to creating bulges you don’t want.

DO: Bunch your shapewear up like pantyhose and slowly step into it, slowly releasing the fabric while pulling it up incrementally. No bumps, no flaws–just a wonderfully smooth shape.

DON’T: Buy shapewear that’s not the correct size for you. Buy it too small, you’ll get rolls, divots and bumps where there were none before. Your “topography” will suffer. It won’t last long when put under such duress, either. Buy shapewear that’s too large and all you’ll be doing is bulking up–all over.

DO: Know what you want the shapewear to do. Make a good assessment of your problem areas, and buy your shapewear to target those, accordingly. There are differently designed varieties of shapewear that address specific areas. Some help to minimize an overly voluminous breast cup size, while others reduce or augment hip and thigh issues. Some are worn in the form of slips, while others are worn like shorts and some cover a greater area of the body, more like a suit for an overall shape refinement.

DON’T: Think that shapewear is going to improve your body’s shape, over time, and don’t think it will get you more fit or trim. The effects achieved by shapewear are only temporary. If you want a trimmer, fitter body, you’ll have to get that the old fashioned way.

DO: Make sure the shapewear you select won’t require your clothing to cover up more areas than in how you characteristically dress. Some shapewear as much more limiting in terms of necklines and hem lengths than many people realize.

DON’T: Tell anyone you’re wearing shapewear–it’ll be your secret!

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