Shortcuts to Spring Wardobe

Spring is in full effect, and with summer right around the corner, Lionesse hopes you’ve gotten around to giving your wardrobe a bit of a makeover. For those of you who haven’t yet because you’ve lacked in know-how, don’t fret! Lionesse is here to show you how simple it can be to help you morph your closet into the most seasonable, fashionable thing, and it barely requires much in terms of implementing new items! We are going to simplify the spring wardrobe makeover for you so there’s no guesswork involved. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Woman throwing off her old clothes from her wardrobe.

Eliminate Any Unwanted Items
Our first point is one of the best things we can give you for advice. If you have items in your closet or dresser drawers that you know without a shadow of a doubt you aren’t going to wear again, get rid of it. Sell it on eBay, give it to a friend, or donate it to a local low cost store. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you get rid of those items to tidy up your space and give you room to move around and build your spring collection!

Woman wearing old jeans after weight loss

If it Doesn’t Fit – Don’t Wear It!
Our next point is also an important one. If an item has gotten too big due to weight loss, or too small due to weight gain, chances are, you aren’t going to wear it again. Best to get rid of these items with the things we talked about above than to wear them and look less than great. Anything that doesn’t fit properly has got to go!

Acccessory Basics

Accessories can play a big role when it comes to pairing outfits together. They can dress a casual outfit up enough to make it classy and dressy, or give an outfit that extra special pop. Now is the time to bring all your belts, hats, spring like scarves and jewelry front and center. Experiment with different pieces along with your daily outfits to give a new look to not so new clothes.

Woman ripping off the seam.

Alter Clothes
Perhaps there are certain items you can’t seem to part with for some reason or another. You still want to wear them, but you want them to look more stylish. Why not alter them? Your favorite pair of jeans has a rip in the knee – so cut some more rips into them to match, dot some bleach onto the ripped areas and let them rest. Give them a wash, and you’re good to go! It’s like getting a brand new pair of jeans – just, not. The same can be said for shirts. If you have a shirt you adore, but it’s too warm out to wear it any longer due to the long sleeves, cut the sleeves off and fray out the ends. Or, you can add beads, jewels, and more to clothing to give them a new, fresh look. Whatever your mind can think of in creative mode is usually a safe bet. Just be sure you are paying attention to current trends and styles!

Style Basics

Invest in Staple Items
One of the best things you can do to update your wardrobe is to invest in staple items, meaning to buy items you will be able to use, mix and match throughout the spring season. Linen tops, button down shirts, jeans, denim shorts, and sunglasses are all great places to start. Adding different color schemes is a great idea, because you can build with blazers or other items. Patterned shirts and pants aren’t a good idea, however, because once that style fades, you’ll be left with out of style, outdated clothes in your closet. Choose smart.

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