Simple Ideas For Beating Stress At Work

woman stressed at work

Work is an area of your life that likely gives you stress, if not constant stress, it’s given you stress at one point or another.  It’s just part of life – right?  While there’s good stress and bad stress, stress overall can have negative impacts on your body over time, which is why many experts suggest you find ways for beating stress before it beats you.  Luckily, there are some simple ideas for beating stress at work that truly don’t require you to be doing anything crazy.  But incorporating these things can allow you to reap the benefits long term.

Surround Yourself With Positivity
Let’s be real, it’s super easy to get caught up in all the negativity at work and just in life in general.  When we are surrounded by a lot of negativity it can be difficult to NOT feel stressed out.  Experts suggest that surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible is a really powerful way to beat stress.  This can mean hanging around more positive people or even repeating positive self-affirmations on a regular basis.  You have to find something that works for you, but get around more positivity if you find you’re struggling with stress.

Get More Active
When we sit still too often, it’s almost like a spiral effect when you’re stressed.  Odds are you likely spend quite a lot of time in front of a computer.  Experts of all kinds continuously suggest getting active as a powerful way to relieve stress in your body.  When we get our bodies moving we’re able to kind of release that stress and focus on something else for a bit.  Maybe for you it’s going out for a walk during your lunch break, or in the morning.  Find ways to get more active to get your mind clear and get yourself away from the stressful environments.  So many people have found exercise and movement to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to beating stress – especially when its work related.  Not only are you doing something that’s healthy for you and your body, but it’s also something for YOU.

woman waking up happy

Don’t Skimp On Sleep
We’ve all been there, those sleepless nights that you’re up tossing and turning because of the stress you have going on at the office.  While we totally get that it’s something that happens to us all, it’s not a great way to actually beat stress.  The truth is, our bodies NEED sleep and when we aren’t sleeping because of stress, it causes even more stress.  If you’re finding it hard to actually get some shut eye because of the stress, try getting yourself into more of a sleep schedule and even doing relaxation methods before bed like meditation.  Getting the necessary sleep your body needs at night will allow you to show up more present and feel more energized, able to focus so much more on what you have to get done at work.

Do you deal with a lot of stress at work?  What simple ideas for beating stress at work do you find work for you?

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