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Skin Cancer Myths To Ignore

We try to keep things as fun and educational as possible around here, but we do feel it’s our duty to give you the insights of the not so fun areas of beauty. In other words, skin cancer. It’s something that we can’t ignore and the population of people being diagnosed with skin cancer continues to grow. Naturally, with any disease as serious as skin cancer that are facts and myths that come along with the increase of those being diagnosed. Recently, we’ve come across quite a few myths that we felt the need to address for you. These are skin cancer myths to ignore:

Skin Cancer is Only Related to the Skin
While skin cancer is, obviously, a type of cancer that generally starts on/in the skin doesn’t mean it will stay there. Many experts in the field suggest that when skin cancer isn’t caught in time it’s likely to spread throughout the body. Generally, when skin cancer forms on the skin it can begin to make its way to the blood vessels in your body which then causes the cancer to spread throughout the body further. So while it may start in the skin, it’s not limited to that area of your body which is why diagnosis is so crucial as early as possible.

Skin Cancer Only Affects Those Who Sunbathe Often
Skin cancer has been linked to the exposure to UV rays on a regular basis, especially when your skin experiences a lot of damage from the exposure to those UV rays. While that’s a definite link, skin cancer isn’t a risk ONLY for those that sit in the sun for hours on end during the summer months. Remember how we said skin cancer has been linked to the exposure and damaged caused by UV rays? That means anyone that’s experienced sunburns or blisters at some point in their life could be at risk for developing skin cancer. It’s a common myth to think that only those that are outside and seeking the sun often are the ones to be worried. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate.

There’s No Real Treatment for Melanoma
Melanoma has gotten the reputation for being one of the most aggressive and dangerous types of skin cancer. Because of this, it’s often believed that there aren’t any real treatment options for melanoma. Ok, so that was the case less than a decade ago but advancements in treatment and research have provided for incredible treatments available to those that are diagnosed with melanoma and any other type of skin cancer. Even in the past few years, new treatments for those with severe diagnosis of skin cancer (even melanoma)-think Stage III or worse-now have treatment options available to them that can bring them to remission.

Darker Skin Isn’t Affected by Skin Cancer
This is a big myth we’ve seen around, and unfortunately it’s just not the case. As we mentioned above, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate and regardless of your skin tone or color anyone can develop skin cancer.

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