Skin Care Do’s For The Fall Bride

If you’re a Fall bride, you’re probably starting to think about what you need to do to make sure that your skin is on point for your big day.  No one wants to be self-conscious about their skin on their wedding day, and we don’t want you to be!  Since the weather is different in the Fall than it is the rest of the year, there are some other elements to consider when it comes to your pre-wedding skin prep.  We’re sharing our favorite skin care do’s for the Fall bride to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape for your special day.

makeup artist applying makeup

Schedule Professional Appointments
Since your wedding day is so special, we’re all about splurging a bit more in preparation for it than you may normally.  So in our research we’ve discovered that many experts suggest getting into a routine with seeking professional help with facials leading up to your wedding day.  It’s suggested to start 6 months out from your wedding day, this way your facialist is able to get a handle on your skin and really make sure they know what you need as your day approaches.  Facials are a great way to give your skin an extra boost of care, and care that you can’t get from at-home treatments.

Switch Your Daily Use Products
Even if you’re in a healthy habit of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin every morning and evening, experts suggest you tweak these a bit leading up to your wedding day.  Again, you’re going to want to start early with this to really get your skin on track.  They suggest using products that are specifically formulated to suit your skin type.  In addition, a few months out from your wedding day is the time to start incorporating some skin concern specific products like serums or other specialty items.  If you’re not sure what exactly to use here, you may want to consult with your professional.  Many suggest adding a brightening product to really help you get an extra glow for your wedding day.  In addition, since you’re getting married in the fall when the weather is drier you’re going to want to switch your moisturizer and cleanser to some formulas that are a bit creamier and really sure to lock in the moisture to your skin.


Get Your Game Day Products In Check
Since you’ll be getting your skin taken care of by professionals fairly regularly leading up to your big day, and you’ve switched up your daily use products all that’s left is to make sure you have your game day products all lined up.  Many experts suggest using a really great mask the day before your wedding to really aid in helping your skin look brightened, tightened and toned on your big day.  You’ll want to use the mask prior to the day before your wedding to make sure you don’t have any sensitivities or any reactions from the mask.  Again, you can ask your trusted professional if you’re not sure the best option for you.

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