Skin Care for Combo Skin

Woman applying cream on her cheeks.

There is no area on the human body that has skin with a more complex range of attributes and specific care requirements. In addition to the range of possible distinctions found on any one face (depending on numerous factors such as heredity, nationality, care history, exposure factors and age;) each individual face will typically consist of any number of types. In fact, it is a rare occasion when you’ll find an individual whose skin can be best cared for by one particular “all over” product. Thankfully, skin care specialists have continued to work on developing products and methods to effectively support all combinations of care needs, for all people to have the best methods of maintaining the best skin care regimen possible.

Skin Types and Their General Impermanence
The range of possible skin types is comprised of a basic four types: normal, dry, oily and also sensitive. It’s not uncommon to find people who have different skin types together on their face. This is referred to as combination or combo skin. And the thing is, your skin type can actually change over time. The process of aging finds a typical progression of fairly predictable details that impact the skin and ultimately change its type. When it comes to normal skin, it’s more likely to be found among younger people than their older counterparts. The common predictors of any skin type are first, the exact level of sensitivity, followed by the volume of oil contained within the skin, and next, the water content of the skin. The oil in skin influences skin’s degree of softness, and the importance of water has to do with the comfort level and the elasticity of skin.

Contrasting Normal VS. Combo Skin Types
As each skin type consists of different benefits and/or deficits, a different form of care is called for in how it’s cared for effectively. Normal skin that is neither overly dry nor oily is the type mostly free of imperfections, has generally indistinguishable pores and is the least sensitive of all types. Combination skin is the “home” of the T-zone, or the forehead, nose and chin area, where if a problem with oiliness exists, the T-zone will be the spot for it. Combo skin comes with the requirement of different forms of treating specific areas. Combo skin is where you’ll most likely find the larger pores, blackheads and shiny areas.

The Best Regimen
Make sure to always protect your combo skin with a good, broad spectrum sunscreen that is formulated to block both UVA and UVB rays, and even then, avoid being out in direct sunlight for long periods of time and wear a hat with a sufficient brim. Sunglasses will not only help your skin, but also your eyes. And smoking is a good way to exacerbate problems across the full spectrum of skin complaints, so don’t smoke. Make sure your body stays hydrated by drinking lots of water, throughout the day, and you can carry some oil absorbing blotting tissues to gently use in removing excess oil from your T-zone every so often, but otherwise, refrain from touching your face. Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Do not wear makeup to sleep–remove it first.

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