Skin Care for Oily Skin

It’s not easy when you have oily skin. Your shiny face might make you feel like staying home many times when you’d really rather be going out with your friends. And you may have sadly discovered how most of the products that are advertised as being effective at conquering shine by reducing oil (while initially seemingly eliminating the oil,) actually do more in the long run to irritate your skin and ultimately trigger the production of more oil, as your body’s biological response.

Woman cleansing her skin.

First Oily Skin Choice of Action
If you are plagued with oily skin, you have to do one of two things: Either ditch your current skin care program–because it’s obviously not working–or head straight to the wisdom of the leading skin care experts for something you can do to effectively manage that oil slick on your face. If you currently have a skin care routine, it’s obviously not working for you, or you would not be here searching for help.

Misleading Sensations
One of the sensations that can most often get people with oily skin into trouble is the tingling, semi-burning effect that occurs from using many commonly sold astringents. It certainly conveys the feeling of a refreshing, oil eradicating cleansing that is desired, however such products contain alcohol and other caustic ingredients that do more to irritate your skin than providing any possible benefit they claim to convey. Even though it might seem to make the best sense that a problem with oil would require remedial relief from a tingle-producing solution, change your thinking ASAP, and start looking at skin oil problems as needing the same level of TLC that is required for sensitive skin. And any product that is hard or thick, as in bar soaps and emollient lotions and foundations will be taking on the same form on your face, both clogging your pores and sustaining a greasy look. Stick to liquids, serums and gels.

The Breakdown
An easy way to look at the best routine for oily skin is to cleanse, tone and exfoliate. When broken down into an AM/PM format, add sunscreen to the AM mix, and in the PM, make sure to finish up with a lotion that is oil-free. The best products for oily skin are going to be water-soluble, and should be easy to rinse off. Be aware that skin drying agents like sodium lauryl sulfate will hurt, not harm the skin. Fragrance, while rewarding in a unique way, can become unwanted irritants. Save the scent for your perfume.

Immediate Help
Oil control throughout the day is key when you are prone to oily skin. It can be embarrassing but not impossible to keep at bay all day long with a little help from a few key methods. The first must have when you have oily skin are the pore clearing strips you can find at almost any drug store. If you have oily skin, your pores are likely always clogged with dirt and oils that plug up your pores and cause acne. Using these strips to remove this unwanted debris a couple times a week is ideal in keeping your skin clear. The second “don’t leave home without it” tool are blotting papers. Easy to keep in your purse, these papers are THE perfect solution to getting rid of excess oil without caking on powder a few times per day!

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