Skin Care Tips We Learned From K-Beauty

K-beauty, also known as Korean beauty, has been a huge force in the beauty world. There are beauty bloggers who focus solely on Korean beauty products, treatments and ideas. It’s a whole world within the beauty world, and if you’re like many of us you’ve been a bit curious about what to try or adapt to your own skin care routine. Sound like you? You’re in the right place because we did some of the digging for you and found the best skin care tips we learned from k-beauty.

Cleansing Is the Backbone of Any Skin Care Routine
K-beauty is filled with a variety of different products and treatments, but one common theme that k-beauty experts tend to stress is the importance of cleansing the skin. Cleansing is a huge focus in k-beauty, so much so that many k-beauty followers are fans of double cleansing (which is cleansing the fact twice using two different types of cleansers). Whether you’re into the double cleansing method, it’s clear that one of the main tips we can all take from k-beauty is cleansing the skin and doing so thoroughly is absolutely necessary to maintaining a solid skin care routine.


Facial Oils Can Be Game Changers
Many k-beauty experts and enthusiasts stress the importance of adding facial oils into anyone’s skin care routine. There are facial oils formulated to work with any skin type and skin care concern. They’re big to include oils because many k-beauty users have found that oils are products that are able to be absorbed into the skin much quicker and easier than other product types. K-beauty is very focused on keeping the skin healthy and flawless, and many have found that facial oils can help achieve that. Of course it’s just one step in the skin care routine, but adding a specialty oil can really help your skin to lock in moisture and adapt to the specific treatment the oil is going to help with. Oils are often looked at as a reparative type of step in the skin care routine to reverse and repair any damage done to the skin.

Masks Are Non-Negotiables
We can thank the k-beauty phenomenon for the boost in sheet masks and other treatment masks now more readily available than ever before. Masks are a huge part of the k-beauty skin care routines, because many k-beauty followers feel and have experienced a major difference in their skin with the use of masks. Masks are incredibly powerful when used consistently. With the range of different masks available, whatever your skin type or concern there’s a mask you can find to help with that. Masks help to give you a more concentrated treatment to your skin, giving you an added boost to your skin care routine. There’s only so much you can really accomplish with your daily cleansing and moisturizing. Adding in a mask to your skin care routine really helps to create a more well-rounded skin care routine, yielding you much more powerful results.

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