Skip the Lip Tan

Woman touching her lips

Developing a darkening of the skin above your lip is a common frustration among women everywhere.  While it’s a common frustration, it doesn’t make it any less … frustrating!  While there are many different things that can cause the darkening of lips one of the most common causes is sun exposure.  We all know the sun can do some major damage to our skin in general, but we tend to forget it can have an effect on something like darkening the skin above our lips.  We’re going to go through some of the suggested ways to avoid having a lip tan/darkening effect down the line.

Exfoliation is so important when it comes to skin care because it helps us get rid of dead skin cells and keep our skin refreshed and healthy.  Experts have said that the darkening lip area of the skin is also the result of dead skin cells, so exfoliation can be a huge help in both avoiding and healing the skin darkening.  It’s important that you exfoliate regularly so you can get your skin on a healthy routine, but it’s also important that you don’t over exfoliate the skin.  One to two times per week is the recommended amount of times you should exfoliate your skin.

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Don’t Skip the SPF
We know, you’ve heard it so many times you’re over it.  But it really is THAT important.  Regardless of the time of year or the weather, you need to make sure you don’t leave the house without applying sun protection.  Since the skin on and around your lips tends to be a forgotten area to tend to, it’s essential you make sure you’re adding to that area.  It’s a highly sensitive area of skin, which is likely why women are dealing with the darkening skin in that area.  Opting for skin care products and makeup that contain additional SPF are great ways to get even more protection from the sun.  Additionally, looking for adding an SPF lip balm type of product into your daily use to help take even more care of the skin in that area.  Basically, get as much SPF on your skin as possible.

The combination of wearing sunscreen all the time and getting on a consistent exfoliation routine are going to be crucial elements to helping you make sure you don’t develop the darkening lip problem.  Since sun damage does have such a huge effect on developing this skin problem, keep that in mind as you go through this summer season (and really all year).  Avoiding putting your skin in situations where it isn’t protected, especially the skin on your face as it is so delicate.  Taking care of your skin as much as possible, especially as it relates to sun protection is important for not just lip darkening but so many other skin problems that can be developed over time.

If you developed skin darkening on your lip, did you find something that helped reverse the effects?

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