Snail is the Latest Skin Care Ingredient

Skin care products and ingredients are constantly on the rise. Because of advancements in technology and of course the changes in trends, we’re always welcoming new and exciting ingredients into the mix. Sometimes, the new ingredients we’re introduced to in skin care products can be quite surprising. Snail is the latest skin care ingredient, and we’re going to assume you may be a bit surprised to learn that SNAILS are being used for skin care purposes. We can admit that we were, too! While it may seem odd, as it turns out there are a lot of incredible benefits from snails to the skin.

Natural Source of Powerful Ingredients
Let’s be clear, snails being used in skin care doesn’t mean you’re actually putting snails on your skin. Companies are merely using the slime that’s left behind from snails because that slime is an incredible natural source of powerful ingredients that are often used in skin care products. Yep, that snail slime is found to be a great source of nutrients like glycoprotein, copper peptides and hyaluronic acid  just to name a few. Those nutrients may sound familiar because they’re commonly used in skin care products, because they’re incredibly beneficial to the skin.

Anti-Aging Benefits
If you know us, you know we’re big fans of anti-aging ingredients and products because, well…who wants to age?! Not us! But that’s beside the point, snail slime and the combination of natural nutrients it contains has been found (and some would say it’s best known for) to help with fighting signs of aging in the skin. Many experts in the field have found that snail slime and its nutrient makeup help to increase collagen production in the skin, as well as aid in the protection from free radicals. The aging benefits don’t stop there, though. Many have experienced an increase in skin hydration, much smoother skin surface and repaired damaged. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Most of these anti-aging benefits are because of the powerful nutrients (mentioned above) and because snail slime is incredibly hydrating, consisting of a high water percentage.

Start Small
If the benefits of snail slime in your skin care routine sounds like something of interest to you, there are plenty of different types of skin care products that list snail as an active ingredient to try out for yourself. While there are incredible benefits that have been found from the use of snail for skin, just like with any powerful skin care ingredient experts suggest using a small amount of snail infused product when starting out. Because the nutrients found in snails are powerful, your skin may not necessarily react well to them. Even though it is a natural ingredient, it doesn’t automatically mean that it works well for everyone. Start with a small amount of product as a trial and add if you find that your skin is able to tolerate the snail ok.

What do you think of using snail for skin care purposes? Will you try it out?

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