SNL Costumes

Many reading this may find it hard to believe, but there will be more than a few Halloween participants this year, fully dressed for the occasion who, for way too many years, had no help from SNL imagery in coming up with a funny Halloween costume. Yes, sadly, these baby boomers went for a number of years, deprived of any form of SNL at all. While they still went door to door, asking for candy handouts in costumes, they were nowhere near as impressive as the gut-busters SNL gave us.

A Special Introduction Sealed the Deal on the SNL Brand
With its unique brand of irreverence and new age politically insulting bravado, SNL for many years enjoyed an unrivaled position, and in a way, is regarded as the authoring entity of such humor’s introduction among significantly more naive American viewers. Within this new hilarious venue’s original ensemble, originally dubbed the “not ready for primetime players,” something was created that will always remain. There will never again be such a memorable comedic impact from the skits, and particularly those eternal characters that were profiled by costumes that have become universally loved. They’re iconic, and just showing up in one of these will require no introduction at all.

Humor Rocks at Halloween–it’s Not all About the Costume, Only
There’s one thing for sure: the signature characters that evolved from SNL are some of the most recognizable and memorable characters ever, and you can find them offered at the Halloween costume retailers, or come up with your own home version, as they’re not all that complicated to create. Among the super easy ones to quickly put together–and without breaking the bank–you’ll find Wayne and Garth from the Wayne’s World Sketch. This duo will make a great Halloween impact from all the famous and side-splitting one-liners they gave us. Just jot down a few of ‘em and slip into your jeans pocket to leave everyone in stitches, like the “Led Zeppelin didn’t write tunes that everyone liked. They left that to the Bee Gees,” or “What a totally amazing, excellent discovery. NOT!” “She’s a BABE,” and the unforgettable way they gave us “Wayne’s World!!!”

Popular Guy Costumes
Mr. Peepers could be a real nuisance of a hit at the Halloween party, dry-humping things and specific people. Dressed as Matt “Wellllll lahh-tee-FREAKIN’-dah!” Foley, you may not have to spend a penny on your costume. With a suit, microphone, Fedora and shades, you and a pal could show up as the “Blues Brothers.” Be prepared to belt out a stanza or two of “Soul Man!”

School girl wearing glasses

Women’s Favorites
How about Mary Katherine Gallagher with her antiperspirant, or Gilly? Linda Richman of Coffee Talk (“Talk Amongst Y’Selves,”), or you could borrow your costume from someone who works at Target, to become The Target lady. Fill your pockets and arms with different copies of Sassy magazine, for extra oomph. You might show up as Judice, just make sure those doll arms you use can screw back or pop back on to that baby doll first!

SNL Costumes You’ll be Better off Buying
There are some that will just be worth an investment, as they’ll never go out of style. The inimitable John Belushi “Killer Bees” character, and those “far out” “Coneheads” are great ideas, and you can get ideas for how to act and fun one-liners from googling or on YouTube. How about “Church Lady,” brought to life by the hilarious Dana Carvey?

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