Spice Up Your Look with Leopard

Leos and leopard go together like peanut butter and jelly. Animal prints are a favorite amongst most women anyway – is there any surprise to the idea that Leo girls would look absolutely dashing in a leopard print? After all, you’re the queen of the jungle – your sign is symbolized by the Lion. Truly, you’re a lioness! Today, Lionesse is going to give you some insightful ideas as to how you can add a bit of leopard style to your fashion routine.

Woman wearing a leopard printed scarf.

Leopard Printed Scarves
Scarves are a great addition to any outfit, no matter the season. During the summer, you can dress up just about any outfit with a scarf – being that it’s lightweight and sheer. Opt for a sheer, lightweight scarf – either a very small scarf, or an infinity styled scarf to wrap around your neck in whatever fashion you’d like.

Woman wearing leopard printed shoes.

Leopard Shoes
If you’re wearing a black dress or outfit, and need a pop of ‘oomph’, opt for a pair of leopard flats. Not only will they be super comfy throughout the day, but you will look stylish and accessorized with this simple wardrobe addition.

Leopard Headbands or Head Wraps
Headbands are a super cute way to encompass any style with something special – and adding a leopard print headband or head wrap is not only fashion forward, but super seasonal as well. Opt for a wide brimmed elastic headband, or choose a head wrap that can cover most of the top frontal portion of your head to look on trend.

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Leopard Printed Belt
The perfect accessory to any outfit is a belt – and a leopard printed belt is just what the fashion doctor called for when it comes to your style, Leo! Pair this with a red shirt for a cool pop of awesome, or add it to a black outfit to give yourself a standout look.

Woman wearing a leopard printed dress.

Leopard Dress
Every girl wants to look fierce every now and again – and what better time to get your fierce on, than when spending the night out with your better half or friends? Opt for a form fitting leopard print dress to really jazz the evening up. Pair it with some black or even red heels for a total color pop.

Woman wearing leopard printed leggings.

Leopard Leggings
You know those days where you just don’t feel like dressing up, and you just want to be comfy? This is the perfect day to break out a pair of leggings. Opt for a sexy pair of leopard leggings and add a black, long, off the shoulder thin sweater for a chic casual look that reeks of femininity and style.

Woman with stylish nail art.

Leopard Nail Appliques
If you love to get your nails done or even do them yourself, why not opt for a leopard nail applique? Leopard nails would be a cute addition to some black polish, dressing one or two nails up on each hand with the stickers or polish strips, and providing you with a cute look you can change up when you get bored with it in a few days.

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