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Alice Eve

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Alice Eve was first known for her role in the TV show Entourage, but she’s stepping back into the spotlight as a Trekkie in the Star Trek series.  Naturally, she’s gorgeous and we all want to know what stars like Alice Eve are doing in their beauty routines.  Alice actually naturally has two different eye colors, one eye is blue and the other green it’s a rare condition called heterochromia.  Alice is great for always stepping out looking fresh-faced and gorgeous.  That’s not something we see from every actress or celebrity gracing the covers of magazines, attending events, or even as they’re out and about.  We’re sharing a few beauty tips we’ve seen from Alice that are great for us all to embrace.

Keep it Simple
Often when Alice is spotted on the red carpet and just in her daily life, she’s wearing more natural makeup.  There are a lot of photos of her out and about without any makeup, not something many women are brave enough to do.  But what’s so great about this, is although the contouring and strobing makeup crazes have been booming (with no sign of slowing down anytime soon) Alice stays true to her more natural vibes.

That Goes for Products, Too
Alice was interviewed by Glamour magazine and shared one of her secret beauty tips is using a rosewater and glycerin spray to set makeup.  It seems Alice is all about getting back to some of the basics and not too much fuss when it comes to her beauty routine – refreshing isn’t it?!  Often times we get caught up in needing the newest, greatest products that are hitting the market but sometimes it’s worth looking at things in a different way and getting back to the more simplistic route.

Alice Eve

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Celebrate What You Have
While Alice has heterochromia and has two different color eyes, she doesn’t try to hide them or cover them up and instead embraces them.  Not all of us would do the same, it’s so great to see someone who’s in the spotlight like Alice embrace something that isn’t the ‘norm.’  It’s encouraging that although she may not have realized by leaving her eye color untouched, it’s a step to showing other women that it’s ok for us to celebrate who we are, and what we look like.

Whether it’s through her makeup, simple beauty tips, or embracing her natural eye colors Alice shows us that we don’t need to cover ourselves with tons of makeup to look and feel beautiful.  If you do an internet search of Alice Eve, you’ll see that she doesn’t opt for the over-the-top makeup or hair and instead goes the more natural route with her look.  There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty.  So often many women feel more is more, but Alice shows us it really isn’t.

What do you think of trekkie Alice Eve and her simplicity when it comes to her beauty routine and looks?

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