Styles for the Cancer Zodiac

Cancer women have a vast array of styles and colors which look absolutely fabulous on them, flattering both their personality traits due to their sign, and their bodies, as well as their skin tone. Cancer women aren’t typically huge style buffs or even risk takers, and therefore, it’s best to stick to bare-bone basics while maintaining a beautiful, girly look. Lionesse has put together a list of some of the typical Cancerian styles which will look fabulous and chic while maintaining the integrity of the true Cancer girl.

Woman wearing a t-shirt

T-shirts come in all styles, yet the best looks for you are boyfriend tees, baseball tees, V-neck tees, and vintage tees. You can easily pair one of these with a pair of jeans or shorts – and hey, since you’re the rebellious Cancer, why not even pair it with a skirt? The skies the limit with your simplified fashion style – and you will always find a way to break the rules while looking fabulous.

Woman wearing an off-shoulder tops

Off-Shoulder Tops
Loose, flowy off the shoulder tops are another great option for you, Cancer. You love the look and feel of a soft blouse, so go for those. The same applies for sweaters. Rock one shoulder out, one shoulder in which will help you to feel very feminine and pretty, while not baring much of anything – just the way you like it. Stick to your Cancerian colors when it comes to these shirts – more about that coming up.

Woman wearing a polka dot dress.

Vintage Inspired Clothes
You love anything vintage, whether it pertains to your fashion or not. You look fabulous in vintage inspired jeans, dresses, and shoes. Stick to typical vintage colors such as tans, powder blues, white or creams, and grays for a great vintage look that looks as best as it can on you.

Stylish woman wearing silver jewelry.

Silver Jewelry
When it comes to jewelry, you do very much love to wear it – but the absolute best picking for you, Cancer, is silver. Silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings incorporate your best color into your style – and you will be amazed at how energized and good you feel while wearing it. Silver is your power color – wear it to your advantage!

Woman wearing a pink top.

Light Color Schemes
Colors such as white, tan, gray, and all pastels such as pink, peach, purple and blue are the perfect color choices for you. They not only match your personality, but they play up on your true Cancer traits. Your personality is nurturing, caring, and soft – although, we all know you have the ability to get a bit fired up and carried away. Right? Right. These colors will help to keep your mentality in check while dealing with everyday life – and leave you feeling good at the end of the day.

Woman wearing strappy sandals.

Your best style when it comes to shoes are simply strappy sandals in tan or white, flats in nude or white, and short heels in any of your light color scheme colors. You don’t like anything flashy or over the top, and comfort is always important to you. You can have style and comfort if you opt for these options, Cancer. The best of both worlds!

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