Stylish Workout “Fits”

One of the fun things about working out is the cute clothes… let’s be honest.  Lucky enough for us, there are more stylish workout clothes options now than ever before.  Brands are finally realizing we want to look as stylish and cute as possible when we’re getting our sweat on.  Nothing like adding a little drama to your workout with a stylish “fit.”  To get you inspired with your workout gear, we’re going to share some of our favorite workout “fits” with you!

Woman wearing workout clothes

Sports Bra and Pants
Another option to get you looking and feeling stylish at the gym is wearing a fun sports bra with coordinating pants.  There are so many sports bras now that aren’t your average sports bras, they have funky straps and colors that really allow you to step up your style game at the gym.  Now if you like the idea of showing a funky sports bra but you’re not quite comfortable wearing JUST the sports bra you can always throw on a tank top over the top, a tank with bigger arm holes will still allow you to show your fun sports bra but help you feel more comfortable.

Woman jogging

Dress in Layers
Similar to the sports bra and tank look, layering different tops like tanks and jackets or sports bras and tanks is a fun way to spice up your workout outfit at the gym.  Additionally, it will allow you to take layers off as you get moving and sweating but everything goes together so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your stylish grind when you’re hitting the gym.

The Printed Pant
If you haven’t noticed, there are a ton of crazy prints, colors and patterns in workout clothes now.  It’s a really fun way to add a stylish twist to your workout clothes.  Pairing the fun crazy colors and/or prints with a tank or t-shirt is a way to keep your outfit easy but not lack any style at all.  With so many different pants and capris, you won’t be bored with this stylish workout outfit.

Woman jogging

Slouchy Tops
One of the other popular, stylish ways to rock workout clothes is pairing a pair of skinny workout pants with a slouchy sweatshirt or t-shirt top.  It’ll give you a little ‘Dirty Dancing’ vibe at the gym.  If you’re not super confident wearing super tight everything at the gym, this is a great option to allow you to look cute, feel cute but still be comfortable and not like your whole body is on display.  Because let’s face it we don’t always want to show everything, but want to feel cute.

Thankfully, there are so many different workout clothes options available for us now.  Giving us a lot to work with and create some fun stylish “fits” to hit the gym in.  Between different types of workout clothes to different wild colors and prints, the options are pretty much limitless.

What’s your favorite stylish workout “fit” to wear to the gym?

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