Sunday in the Park

Don’t you just love Sundays of springtime? There’s something in the air that’s so refreshing, so promising and so homecoming, as new colors pop forth from every direction and new life abounds in a myriad of ways. Those crisp, clear and sunny spring days give us a lot of reason to get out and get busy. With the advent of spring, there must be a massive fashion transition, although it can be tricky, with temps still very unpredictable. Even on the most frigid of spring days, the last thing you would want to do mid-April would be to look like you’re getting ready for a day on the slopes. Here are some great tips for moving forward with full-on spring spirit with new twists, and being well-covered in anything that the iffy spring weather could bring.

Fashion ideas for the park

  • The Spring Shirt: Take that cotton, linen or blend collared shirt and rock it, with a clever twist. Leave it unbuttoned, and criss-cross right over left at the hem level. And just there in the front, tuck the crisscrossed hem section into your jeans or pants, leaving the rest of the shirt’s hem untucked and billowy. The longer sleeves will keep you covered on cooler spring days.
  • Spring Heel Transition: Show your stuff through springtime, with footwear style that will not only kill, but ensure that your little piggies won’t be too chill while waiting for summer heat. Pair all kinds of heels with every level of flair, but add some cute or quirky socks in the mix.
  • Hemline Cuff-Up for Jeans: The cuffed hem jeans are back, trending better than ever, with new distinctive looks that go far in elongating leg lengths looks. New, ragged-edge hems are left unsewn and exposed at the top of the cuff for some wicked appeal in the ripped realm. Pair with a huge, oversized cable knit or bomber jacket to tie at the waist, should the day heat up.
  • Springtime Layering: Layering goes on year-round, with a satisfactory spin, and 2016 is the year of the turtleneck, under the dress you’ll be soloing, later on, on hot summer days. New varieties of turtlenecks run from thicker cables to ultra-lightweight, almost sheer fabrics. A smooth touch for avoiding spring goose bumps.
  • Rock the New 2016 Neutrals: Mixing up prints has never been so uninhibited, so expect to see all sorts of combos setting the pace and vividly painting the scene, everywhere. So, what, you may ask, are the new neutrals? Believe it or not, they’re the bold, unmistakable looks of polka dots, leopard prints and plaids. Commonality-sharing depends more on color, scaling and texture matching.
  • Spring Waist-Cinching: With the right belt around your waist, take that oversized scarf-shawl, poncho or lightweight cape and slip the front ends under the belt. Cinched in the front, and open in the back. Waist-flattering, yet a good cover-up for bloat-days.
  • Move Over, Winter Groutfit: The monochrome look is still full-on, with the best spring effects in pastels and brighter secondary palette choices.
  • Accessorize With Class: Look for a move toward fewer accessories that are a lot more value, in terms of craftsmanship, branding and quality. Rather than adding on a dozen inexpensive bangles, bags and brooches, 2016 spring fashionistas are doing the “less is more” thing and rocking it, with obvious high-end, haute couture superiority. This covers jewelry, hair pieces, purses, shoes, belts and more.
  • Yes, to the Body Chain: The body chain is back, with perfect style pairing–and not only for swimsuits, but for cropped tops and sheer forms of clothing. Whether your attire reveals most of your sexy body chain, or just a hint, you’ll show your style-superiority big time, with that body chain adorning your fashionable self.

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