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The Benefits Of Facial Brushing

Dry brushing has grown in popularity in recent years. If you’re not familiar, dry brushing is using a specific brush on your skin. The benefits found with dry brushing your body have been tremendous and it’s a practice that’s not new (just newly accepted). Since so many individuals have experienced great results after adding dry brushing into their weekly skin care routine for their body, facial brushing has been growing in popularity. In case you’re wondering, facial brushing is essentially dry brushing but for your face. Perk your interest? We wanted to get into some of the benefits of facial brushing…they’re pretty powerful if we do say so ourselves!

Incredible Exfoliating Technique
If you’ve followed along with us for a while now, you’ve probably seen us mention the importance of exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating the skin, especially your face, can work wonders on helping you keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Facial brushing has been found to be one of the best facial exfoliating techniques. Because you use a specific brush to apply facial brushing to your skin care routine, it helps to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells. In addition to remove dead skin cells, exfoliating helps to remove any dirt and/or oil that may have been left behind from cleansing your skin.

Increases Circulation
Circulation is essential to our bodies and skin’s health. When our skin doesn’t have a health blood circulation you can begin to experience a number of different problems with your skin’s appearance and health. Facial brushing, because of the technique of using a specific brush, helps to increase blood circulation in the skin. Increasing blood circulation helps to add more stimulation to the skin’s surface and under the surface of the skin. Why is increasing blood circulation so important? It helps to get the blood moving to remove toxins and has been found to be incredibly beneficial in improving the skin’s tone overall.

Better Absorption
We already mentioned some pretty powerful benefits to using a facial brush in your skin care routine, but it doesn’t stop there! Since facial brushes are such great exfoliating agents and help to increase circulation and blood flow in the skin, all of these benefits combined help your skin to better absorb the products you apply after use. When the skin is free of excess dirt, oil and removed of dead skin cells there’s a much cleaner and open surface of skin that’s much more likely and able to absorb the products you apply. That means your skin is going to be positively impacted by the products you apply, giving you much better results from applying any products you use! Pretty great, isn’t it?

We would say ‘that’s it’ with the benefits of facial brushing, but that would be implying those benefits aren’t great. Adding facial brushing into your weekly skin care routine can be incredible – will you give it a try?

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