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The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Taking care of your skin is something that needs to be a consistent routine to really get the best benefits. It’s likely that you’re on a regular morning and evening skin care ritual of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (hopefully). Of course, there are quite a few other treatments and skin care rituals that experts suggest adding into your routine. Lately, there’s been quite a few bloggers and influencers chatting about facial steaming and you may be wondering what this is all about. It’s not necessarily a new skin care treatment but it’s definitely gained a lot of popularity recently. We’re sharing the benefits of weekly steam cleaning to see if it’s something you’re willing to add into your weekly skin care routine.

Cleans Your Skin’s Pores
Our skin is exposed to so many different elements on a daily and weekly basis. While you may (hopefully) already be cleansing your skin with an actual facial cleanser every morning and evening, there can still be some build up that’s hard to really get with a traditional facial cleanser. However, when we don’t get any of that additional build up out of our pores it can begin to cause skin care concerns to arise. One of the most amazing benefits of weekly steam cleaning is it’s been found to really get a deep cleansing on your pores. Because the steam essentially opens up your pores it helps to ease the clogged ones and soften the top layer of your skin to help eliminate dirt, grim, and oil build-up that may be in your pores. It doesn’t necessarily sound glamorous, but it’s a pretty great benefit–wouldn’t you say?

Your Skin Can Absorb Better 
As we mentioned before, steam cleaning helps to really soften the skin and open up the pores by cleaning them out. That’s important on its own, but it’s also been found to help your skin to better absorb products you apply to your skin. Since your skin’s pores aren’t clogged and you’re able to help soften the surface, your skin is much more likely and able to actually gain the benefits from the products you apply to help with your skin care routine on a daily basis. So, in other words, your products will work better!

It Helps to Eliminate Toxins
Like we said, steam cleaning helps to clean out your pores. While it’s great for getting rid of oil and dirt build-up, it’s also been found to help eliminate toxins from the skin as well. We don’t often realize that our skin is exposed to so many different environmental elements and toxins on a daily basis, but those things can get trapped in our skin–naturally, we want to eliminate those as much as possible. Steam cleaning has been found to be a really powerful way to do that since it causes the skin to literally sweat the toxins out.

It Helps You Relax
Of course, we can’t forget to mention that overall the ritual has also been found to help those who do it to reap relaxation benefits. Many steam cleaning rituals include essential oils that can be incredibly relaxing to your overall state-of-mind. What’s not to love and enjoy about that?

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