The Best Beauty Products for Your Style

Woman looking at a beauty product

Choosing beauty products can be overwhelming, to say the very least.  With so many options at our fingertips, it can leave us feeling like we don’t even know where to start.  But, like the clothes we wear are specific to our needs, body type, and overall personal style we should look at our beauty products in a similar manner.  To help you get started in this new approach to looking at beauty products, we’re laying out a few key factors to consider when choosing beauty products to fit you and your style.

Consider Your Skin Type
With beauty products it’s essential we adapt products that are formulated specifically for our skin type.  This can make a huge impact on how the products look and feel on our skin and really fit into our lives.  So before jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing the beauty products that are ‘trending’ look at the ingredients, see how they’re formulated and make sure they’re going to fit into your skin’s type before swiping your card and making the purchase.

Consider the Wear
If you’re more of a minimal type of girl, you’re probably not going to want beauty products that require a lot of steps or major time commitment.  And vice versa.  Look at beauty products like you do your clothes – if they require more effort and/or energy than you’re realistically willing to invest save your money.  If the beauty products are way outside your comfort zone or what you’re willing to invest into your beauty routine, you’re probably going to use it a few times and stop shortly after.

Be Picky on the Colors
With beauty products like nail polish and makeup, it’s important to be picky about the color you’re choosing.  Because these are also extensions of your personal style and how you’re representing yourself you want to be sure it flows with the rest of your style.  Plus, you’ll just feel more ‘you’ when the colors are in tune with you and your style.

Adapt to the Season
We change our clothes from season to season, and we should change our beauty products as well!  Because the weather is changing, our skin has different needs.  It’s important to consider having an adjusted skin care routine for the summer months to make sure your skin is maintaining its optimal health during the warmer months.  In addition, you’ll want to adapt and adjust your makeup routine as well.  Typically we’re drawn to wearing less makeup as the temperatures rise so choosing products that give you the look you desire, without feeling like you’re caked on is a great way to make a seasonal adjustment.  You’ll feel lighter and know that you still look gorgeous all season long.

Beauty products are so individual, which is why we typically suggest looking for products for YOU rather than going off a list of “must-haves every woman needs.”  Since those lists aren’t typically catered to different skin types, or personalities/lifestyles, it can leave you feeling disappointed if you follow them.

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