The Perfect Prom Date

Prom couple

Prom, with all its signature elements everyone’s talking about on the increase, is in your future, and it will probably be a big highlight of your whole high school career, or close to it. The way it plays out will have a lot more to do with how you approach it than you probably think. It won’t take all that much to ensure that you will ace this one, especially if you have a good pre-prom checklist you can run through a few times. Don’t make the mistake that some of your prom-predecessors have done, which wound up screwing up the big night, at which point prom for them, became regret. Read on…

Time is on Your Side
The time before the prom is the time you can take advantage of, to brush up on any skills you may feel like you’re lacking. Right now, the girls are busy, shopping and getting together. They’re making their plans and putting details on the night, all along. Now is a good time for you to hang out with your friends, while all the girls get prom-pared. Listen to some favorite music and even practice a few dance moves. You might surprise yourself. And getting into the game a bit will prevent you from sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs and living out your worst prom-fail fears in your mind.


Things to Remember
On your own, there are items to cover, too:

  • Be Chivalrous: Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that chivalry is dead. All girls love guys with manners, and they’ll be expecting them on prom night. Open those doors and throw those jackets on the puddles. Pull her chair out for her at the restaurant. Take note of her heels and their height, and offer your arm when you’re walking together. If the night air becomes a little cool, offer her your coat. Man up, and be there for her. You don’t have to be a pushover to be charming and the perfect prom date–just attentive. And don’t forget to tell her more than once–but especially as soon as you get in the car or limo together–tell her how beautiful she looks (anything but “nice” or “good.”) Do NOT forget this one key, if you do nothing else.
  • What You’ll Wear: This is your chief concern in getting prom-ready, when you’re the guy. Do not even think about getting your tuxedo details bow like tie and vest–possibly even socks–before your date has her dress. She’ll be impressed when you tell her you want to match up with what she’s wearing. Ask her to go with you to buy these items. And here, fit is way more important than brand. Your socks need to be adult, non-slob, dress socks–and matching. It’s fine to pack a change of clothes for after-prom parties to keep in your car.
  • Get Clean: Get a decent haircut–nothing extreme or different, and deodorize. Shower, brush teeth, shave late-day, and pocket some breath mints for the long haul. Ain’t nobody dope as you when you do prom hygiene! Be clean, you’ll feel clean. Feel clean, you’ll look clean.
  • Get Corsage: Got to match date’s dress. Look for bracelet upgrades to make her smile. These replace the regular ribbon with inexpensive jewels, so your date’s will definitely stand out when the girls get together to compare.
  • Winning Attitude: When you’re in it, just relax. Nothing looks worse than worry or doubt, even when all the other items are covered. Confidence, Bro. OWN the night.

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