The Right Underwear for your Evening Gown

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When it comes to picking out the right underwear and undergarments for your evening gown, you’ve got to think like a beauty queen. They always look flawless – not only because they have to, but because they make it a part of who they are. Their style is what inspired Lionesse to write this informative guide on choosing the right underwear for your evening gown, so that you will always look flawless – and you can also apply these principles to other dresses and skirts as well.

Woman wearing a plain pink colored panty.

Tight Fitting Evening Gowns = Thongs         
If your evening gown is going to be on the tighter side, you will want to opt for a thong as your panty choice. Not just any thong, though – you will want something silky and smooth, without seams. Lace thongs are definitely a no-no, as the lacey pattern will undoubtedly show through. You want to keep a smooth, sheer look to not draw attention in all the wrong places – and look absolutely flawless in your evening gown. You will also want to choose a neutral color that matches your skin whenever possible, to keep the appearance of color showing through. This is vital to your overall look. A pair of dark panties will undoubtedly show through a lighter colored dress, so keep this point in mind.

Thongs and Panties

Loose Fitting Evening Gowns = Thongs, Seamless Panties
For the evening gown that is looser fitting in style, you can opt for a thong or seamless full back panty. These panty styles generally look and feel the best underneath a loose fitting gown. You can opt for lacey panties with this type of dress, because the fit isn’t adhering and clinging to your body, providing you with more in terms of options when choosing what to wear underneath. Again, to reiterate from above, you will want to choose a color panty that matches your skin tone, or one that is as close to it as possible to avoid your panties showing through the dress if at all possible.

Underwear Styles

Full & Flowy Evening Gowns = Any panty Style
Full and flowing evening gowns offer you the best option when it comes to being versatile with your underwear. You can choose virtually any panty style you want, from a thong, to boy shorts, to tanga’s, bikini cut, or brief style. The sky’s the limit with this type of dress, because nobody has a clue what is going on under there with your underwear. With a fuller and flowier evening gown, you can generally choose any color you would like to wear for your underwear as well.

When it comes to choosing a bra for your evening gown, you generally want to stick with strapless, seamless bras in a nude color to correspond with your skin, and give the appearance that there is no bra there. It’s never a good move to wear a bra that is visible through the dress. If you have smaller breasts, you could opt for silicone stick on bras, which provide good coverage while being a bit more comfortable and out of the way than a regular strapless bra. Always be sure you are wearing the right bra size, though, to avoid that unattractive side bulge in the breast area.

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