The Secret to a Dancer’s Body

Regardless of the style of dance, dancers always have incredibly toned bodies.  If you’re thinking of the very thin ballerina body-types we’re referring more to the athletic dancer’s body.  Think long, lean, and toned.  If you’ve ever watched shows like Dancing with the Stars, you’ve seen this athletic dancer shape.  And you’ve probably even noticed the celebrities and how their bodies change once they start dancing so often for the show.  So how do they achieve these bodies so easily?  There are a few reasons WHY dancers develop these incredible bodies.

The first big reason dancers are able to achieve body shapes that are long, lean and toned is because of the type of exercise dance is considered.  Athletic forms of dance like ballroom and Latin dancing are anaerobic exercises.  Anaerobic exercise basically means that to participating in an activity and using energy for it does not depend on oxygen levels.  This also means it takes time and conditioning to be able to participate in this type of activity for extended periods of time.  So if you’re looking to achieve a dancer’s body but dancing isn’t your thing there are still some suggested ways to get the look with different types of exercise.


Yoga and Pilates
These two forms of exercise are known for helping those who do them achieve long, lean bodies.  Additionally, dancers tend to be quite flexible which is another commonality between dance and yoga and pilates.  It’s a great activity to add into your weekly routine somewhere to get the benefits of long/lean shape without actually dancing.

Resistance training

Resistance Training
Although dancers have the long and lean shapes, they’re also quite toned.  This is where resistance training comes in.  It’s great to get your heart rate going as well as build muscle and tone.  The combination of yoga/pilates and resistance training is a great partnership to helping you develop a dancer’s body even if you’re not really into actually dancing.


Anaerobic Exercises
Since dance is considered an anaerobic exercise it’s important to add this type of exercise into your routine if you’re looking to achieve a dancer’s shape.  Activities like sprinting and plyometrics are great alternatives to dancing because they’ll get your heart rate up quickly but don’t last for extended periods of time, like long distance running/cardio does.

healthy eating

Proper Nutrition
Of course, what you eat is just as important as what you do when you’re looking to achieve a dancer’s shape.  It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough protein when increasing your workouts, especially with anaerobic type exercises.  You will be burning a lot of calories and using a great deal of energy, so fueling your body with quality food and nutrition will help make sure you stay healthy and energized.

While there are many different ways to achieve a dancer’s body without actually having to dance, these are some of our favorite suggestions to get you started on your journey.  Which of these tips will you try out first?

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