This Fall’s Runway Inspired Hair Trends

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Every fashion week, the fashion designers and influencers of the world make their marks to show us what the next season has in store for us as far as trends go.  There’s never a limit of the trends available or making their mark as they walk down the runways.  While there are some trends that are really just runway appropriate, there are some that we’re all able to really adapt into our own lives.  There’s something so refreshing about changing up your hair during the fall months.  Which is why we’re sharing this fall’s runway inspired hair trends to give you a little inspiration straight from the runway!

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All About the Knots
While we’ve seen a lot of ponytail looks the past couple of years, this season the runways were showing us all kinds of knot inspired hair looks.  Whether it’s a low mess knotted hairstyle, or something a little more streamlined like a chignon, it’s all about twisting your hair into a knot like look to create a unique look.  You can really express your own personal style and personality with this hairstyle because we saw knotted hairstyles worn higher up as well as low at the nape of the neck, and from messy to more slicked back.  It’s really about what works best with your hair’s type and texture and allows you to create the look in a pretty easy way.

Texture for Days
One of the more surprising trends that we saw all over the runways this season has to be  the influx of textured hair.  Never before have we seen so many hair looks that were embracing model’s natural hair texture, and even emphasizing the texture.  It really is the season about bringing out the natural texture of your hair, instead of that more cookie cutter hair texture where everyone’s hair looks about the same.  To really emphasize your hair’s natural texture experts suggest using a diffuser to dry your hair when it’s wet, and use a texturizing product to really bring out the natural texture.  In addition, if you have curly/wavy hair further emphasize those curls/waves by using a lightweight mousse to twist around those curls/waves and further enhance them.  The possibilities really are endless when it comes to just embracing your natural hair’s texture.

Model with wavy hair wearing a swimsuit

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Effortless Waves
Notice a bit of a theme this season?  It seems to be all about embracing natural texture, and just having looks that don’t actually require hours and hours of time to create.  Wavy hair was another big trend we saw on the runways for fall, but not the wavy hair that we’ve seen before.  While we’ve seen wavy hairstyles that take at least an hour to achieve, the waves this season are all about being created by sleeping with your hair in braids and/or buns to be able to wake up and let your hair down to have perfectly (unperfect) wavy hair that’s sure to make a statement all on its own.

Do you have a favorite hair trend inspired by the runway?

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