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Tips For Helping Your Shave Last Longer

Summer is here and that means most of us are more focused on shaving unwanted hair. Let’s face it…the winter months have us all slacking a bit with our shaving routine. No judgement here, we’re right there with you! Regardless, shaving can feel like a tedious task for so many of us because it seems like it’s something we have to do so often in order to keep up with the look we want. Whatever area of your body you shave regularly, we’ve recently discovered some tips for helping your shave last longer. Music to your ears? Ours too.

Exfoliate Before You Shave
This may seem opposite, but exfoliating BEFORE you shave can work wonders on your shave lasting your longer. Exfoliating the area of your body that you plan to shave helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, etc. Why is this important to your shave? When the skin’s surface has dead skin cells and oil build up on the surface it prevents the razor from getting super close to the root of the hair you’re looking to eliminate. NOW it makes sense, doesn’t it? So when you exfoliate your skin before you shave you’re able to have a much cleaner and smoother surface to shave, allowing you to get much closer to the roots so you’re actually getting a much closer shave altogether.

Woman shaving legs

Shave After Your Skin is Soft
We should start by saying that you should NEVER shave skin that’s dry, you’re much more likely to get cuts and nicks in your skin when doing so (not to mention you’re at risk for getting an ingrown hair). Experts suggest that one of the best times to shave is at the end of your shower. When you shave after you’ve showered and done everything else you need to do in the shower, your skin has been given a chance to become wet and soft. Soft skin is much easier to shave and get close to. Again, you’re able to get a much closer shave when your skin is wet and soft. In addition to your skin being soft, your hair is also much softer when it’s wet and has been ‘warmed up’ in a sense in the shower.

Use Hydrating Products
As tempting as it may be to quickly run your razor over your skin to shave the skin, you really should apply a shave gel or cream before you get carried away. Gels and creams help to give the razor a much smoother surface (again, smoothness is the key word used here) to go over giving you a much closer shave. In addition to allowing you to get closer to the skin in a smooth manner, these products allow the hair you’re looking to eliminate become softer and more nourished so the razor is able to glide over the hair and skin in a way that won’t damage the skin. Plus, when your skin and hair roots are nourished they’re much healthier!

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