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Tips For Lighter Underarms

Dark underarms aren’t harmful, and really not something that should be a huge concern to your health in any way. That being said, struggling with dark underarms can be just…frustrating. Even though we don’t walk around with our arms up in the air displaying our underarms on a constant basis having dark underarms can leave you feeling a bit insecure on different occasions throughout your normal life. Dark underarms is a common beauty concern, so if this is something you’re struggling with (which we’re assuming it is if you’re reading this) know that you’re not alone in this battle. Luckily for you, we have some tips for lighter underarms you can give a try for yourself to get some relief.

Exfoliate the Area
So often we hear and talk about exfoliating the skin on our body and face, but if you have dark underarms you should begin exfoliating this area of your body as well! The cause of dark underarms is often because of inflammation and other struggles similar, which is why exfoliating can help begin to lighten the area. The key here is to be gentle in the exfoliating process of the skin. The skin on your underarms is gentle and should be cared for accordingly. It’s suggested that using something as simple as soap and a wash cloth is really all you need to exfoliate the skin here. Gentle rubbing the underarms in small circular motions 2 times a week is all that’s necessary.

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Swap Out Your Deodorant
You use deodorant every day, but using a deodorant that can help lighten your underarms is going to give you even more benefit from a product you’re using daily. Experts suggest that dark underarms can be lightened when they’re given more moisture and hydration daily, helping to repair the skin that’s been damaged and irritated to result in the darkness. Take a look at the deodorant that you’re using now and determine whether or not it’s really consisted of ingredients that provide enough moisture and hydration. If you’re unsure, it’s worth swapping out for a different formula to ensure that the formula you’re using is going to help provide the needs of your underarms.

Head to Your Doctor
If you try the tips we mentioned above for an extended period of time, and don’t notice as much of a difference as you’d like heading in to see your doctor could be the answer for you. Fortunately, medical professionals are able to prescribe skin brightening products that can work wonders on lightening up underarms. Because it’s going to be prescription strength, you’re able to get a much stronger dose of retinoids (which is what most skin brighteners are composed of) than you would with over the counter products. Retinoids are powerful ingredients in helping to increase cell turnover, that cell turnover increase is what helps to brighten and lighten the underarm area that’s causing frustration. Making an appointment with your doctor to find out the options here is something to consider, especially if you’ve tried a lot of natural and home remedies.

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