Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Princess

Let’s face a fact, ladies: almost all of us as little girls believed we would one day grow up to become beautiful princesses living in a castle in some faraway land, Prince Charming rushing to rescue us, love us, and marry us, and we would live happily ever after. Right? Oh, how wrong we all were. Here’s hope, though: just because we aren’t real Princesses, doesn’t mean we can’t look like one!

Royal Princesses and Queens, in real life, are seen by millions of people worldwide on an almost constant basis. Every move they make is watched by the media and Paparazzi, and therefore, it’s to be expected that they would need to look their best at all times. Their face and body really does need to be exceptionally well taken care of – and if you want to look like Royalty, following the tips we provide you today will give you a complete head start in the race to winning Prince Charming’s heart.

Lionesse has some tips for you to bring your inner Princess out, and help you feel like royalty. None of us are too old to feel like a Princess. Let the fun begin!

Woman wearing a facial mask in a spa

Face Masks
Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, used a special facial mask that she swore by – and many French women use her secret recipe today. It combined the use of cognac, a type of alcoholic beverage (and a very strong one at that!), lemon juice, an egg white, and powdered milk. She would leave this on her face to tighten up the pores, brighten the skin, remove impurities, repair skin tissue which has been damaged, and removes dead skin.

Woman spraying a perfume on her wrist.

Queen Victoria of England was known to infuse her gloves with the scent of rose oil, which would keep her smelling beautiful all day. Try using a rose-scented body oil, in conjunction with a good rose perfume, which will keep you smelling like royalty all day.

Woman applying  lipstick

Even the Queen of England absolutely adores her lipstick. In 1952 when she was made Queen, she had her very own hue of lip color custom made to match her coronation robes. How cool is that? She opted for a reddish-blue hue, which was a popular color during this era. To look like royalty, keep your lips beautifully colored with bright, rich lipstick all day.

Woman applying a moisturizer

Yet another tip from Kate Middleton herself: use rosehip oil on your face where you feel you are beginning to get fine lines or wrinkles. This will keep them at bay, and fight them off for as long as you are humanly able – without spending a fortune or opting for any other treatment. Brilliant, if we do say so ourselves. If it can make us look as good as she does, we’re all for it!

Woman applying an anti-aging cream.

Moisturize Your Skin
The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton, has been in the public eye for a while now, and has no problem sharing her beauty secrets with the world. She keeps her skin super soft by using a moisturizer – her favorite brand being found in a drug store and for a mere $7 – and always makes sure her skin is completely hydrated. Therefore, hydrate your face and body with a good moisturizing cream and a good lotion.

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