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Understanding Your Body Type

When it comes to our bodies, we’re all pretty hard on ourselves.  But the truth is, regardless of our weight understanding your body type is one of the most important factors when it comes to dressing in a way to flatter your body type.  While we all get caught up in what we don’t like, we tend to lose sight of the reality of our body type.  We thought we would share some tips to help you with understand your body type so you can begin to utilize these tips for yourself, and start to celebrate your body type through dress instead of trying to hide.

Measure Your Shape
We know that this can seem especially stressful for the ladies, but truly to discover and understand your body type in the most realistic way possible, we need to measure our shape.  The key points of your body you’re going to want to measure are your shoulders, your bust/chest, your waist, your hips.  These essential points are really the areas that are going to help you to take the results and figure out your body type.  We can’t stress enough, it’s not about what numbers they are – this really is to discover your body’s shape and type, no need to beat yourself up if you’re not thrilled with the number.  Use a fabric tape measure for this to get the best results.

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Analyze the Results
As you measure the specific points of your body that we mentioned above, you’re going to want to analyze those results to really understand what your body type is.  We suggest writing them down on a piece of paper as you take the measurements so you don’t have to worry about it.  Take the measurements starting at the top of your body and working your way down – be sure to record the measurements in the same order.  Once you write them down you have a clear guide to really understand what it is that your body TYPE is.  There are quite a few different body types that many of us fall under, the most commonly referenced are: inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle, hourglass and oval.  Depending on what your measurements are, are going to tell you what your body type is.  For example, if the largest measurements are your shoulders and chest, and the numbers go down from there you’re likely an inverted triangle.  Get what we’re saying here?

Dressing to Flatter
Understanding your body type is one of the most incredible ways to really have a solid understanding of your shape, and knowing how to dress in a way that flatters your shape.  Essentially, helping you to work WITH your body rather than against it.  If you take your measurements to discover that you’re an inverted triangle body type (for example), then to flatter that you’ll want to keep your top half more subtle and wear more colors/pattern/details on the bottom half of your body to balance and really flatter your shape.

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