Update Your Holiday Hair Look

When it comes to the way you are perceived, it’s most likely your hair that is the very first thing anyone notices about you. If you happened to find a holiday go-to style that works–or worked at some point and you from that point forward, faithfully stuck with it, you’re not alone. Especially in this particular instance, do you really want to be known by one or two particular default hairstyles? Seems pretty bleak to imagine that you could be recognized from a far distance, based on your same hairstyle being so telling? Today, there has never been a time when changing up your hairstyles was so easy and with so many style choices, too. There are numerous easy and quick hair hacks that consist of perhaps only one or two slight efforts that can give you an entirely different number of looks.

Woman wearing a hair clip

Changing to a Holiday Look With Holiday Accessories
The holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to go big, even in small ways. In fact, at the very simplest level, invest in some lovely holiday hair accessories to wear in your hair, for half up or an all-updo. By adding the right accessories, you can give any regular hairstyle a fun measure of bling and holiday celebration that will help you shine all through the holidays. Shop for unusual holiday hair flair at places like Etsy or flea markets. You can always turn anything that catches your fancy into a hair accessory with a little hot glue. Add holiday-colored rhinestones and sequins to a generic hair clip or bobby pins. Doesn’t have to be bold and flashy – it can be a touch of anything eye-catching and holiday-inspired.

Bun hairstyle

Holiday Bun Fun
If you have toyed around with wanting to pull your shoulder length or longer hair into a bun, the holidays are the time to try it. There are several tutorials online that reveal various methods to accomplish the bun for different hair lengths, with some looking fairly complicated for the first timer. There are these easy little sponge donuts you can buy that provides you with an armature you simply cover with your hair to make an impressive looking bun creation. glue some diminutive red rhinestones onto the bent ends of bobby pins–or even toothpicks, and stick them in kind of randomly for some easy, extra bun bling. Leave out a few thin strands of hair on either side and even at the back to loosely curl and romantically hang. Place your bun smack dab on top of your head, at the crown or at the nape of your neck. Do a half up bun at the crown, and plant some dreamy loose waves for the ungathered hair below. You’ll discover some ways to do the messy effect the more you experiment.

Curly hairstyle.

Holiday Curls
If you have not gotten a clip-free styling wand, why not do so now? The whole technique involves wrapping the hair from the base on out, which naturally creates distinctively looser, sexier-looking tousled curls. Not having to contend with a cumbersome clip will speed up your curling sessions, too. Because these are quicker, you’ll be more likely to choose to curl your hair when getting ready for a party, work or any other time. The most lovely curls are never brushed–with “arrangement” and “combing” being done purely with your fingers. Spray these holiday curls with one of the new, supercharged flexible hold hairsprays, and go!

Ponytail hairstyle

Holiday Ponytail Power
The ponytail has never been given so many different silhouettes as it has now, and it’s even useful as a styling segment to remove prior to the finish. By gathering all your hair in a crown ponytail, you can section out portions of around ½ to ¾” strands that you curl, right from the gathered spot. Once they’ve all been curled, take out the elastic band securing the ponytail and using your fingers, playfully toss the curls to provide a little separation and bounce. Spray for flex hold, and you’re set. The ponytail that’s gathered at the nape of the neck (either involving all your hair  or half-up,) can be taken and used to create two romantic side rolls. Take your index finger and between your scalp and the elastic band securing your ponytail, make a hole or pathway which you will take the ends of your ponytail and stick into and pull through, completely. By doing this, your hair on either side will naturally roll to correspond to the hair that is pulled through the hole. Pull out a few strands on either side and lightly curl them to hang freely. Stick a sprig of mistletoe and a whisper of baby’s breath flowers into the center back, and you’ll rock the holidays.

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