Veggies That Hydrate The Skin from the Inside Out

Healing your skin from the inside out has become a major focus within the wellness and beauty industries.  What many experts have found is that what we eat, and consume really, has a massive impact on our skin’s appearance and overall health.  Just like it does the rest of our bodies.  So what we eat can have a direct reflection on our skin.  Since this time of year we all tend to be experiencing a lot of dryness in our skin, seeking out ways to bring more hydration to our skin is at the top of mind.  We’ve found some veggies that hydrate the skin from the inside out, and naturally we’re sharing them with you so you can start to bring on the hydration yourself!

It’s not any surprise that spas often offer water with cucumbers in it for clients to enjoy during or after their treatments.  It’s an incredibly hydrating veggie!  Cucumbers are considered to be a water rich vegetable, and is filled with silica.  Silica has been found to help immensely with increasing moisture and hydration in the skin.  In addition, cucumbers are loaded with vitamins A and E, which are both found to help soothe the skin and aid in hydration.

Sweet potatoes
Does this one surprise you?  It surprised us, at first!  But as it turns out sweet potatoes can do wonders for helping to hydrate your skin.  Sweet potatoes have been found to boost incredible levels of vitamin A.  Not only is vitamin A good for your skin overall, but it’s said to be one of the best nutrients to help prevent dry skin from occurring in your body.  Win-win!

This veggie is similar to cucumbers in that it’s water rich and contains silica (sound familiar?).  Silica is a major nutrient when it comes to adding hydration to your skin from the inside, out because of its incredible benefits for boosting moisture in the body.


You likely grew up with your mom trying to force you to eat broccoli, but as it turns out broccoli could be doing wonders for your skin’s hydration now.  Broccoli is loaded with vitamins C and E, both of which have been found to help your skin retain and boost moisture production.

Another surprising one?  Radishes are another root veggie that can really help give your skin the hydration it needs, and craves.  Radishes are loaded with vitamin C, Zinc, and other great nutrients that have been found to help keep your body and skin moisturized, really helping to lock in that moisture.

They’re not just colorful, they’re also very hydrating for your skin!  As it turns out both red and green peppers are loaded with vitamins C and B6.  They’ve been found to help your body to retain that moisture it needs PLUS helps to keep your skin looking more youthful.

Whew!  That’s quite a few veggies that can help give your skin more moisture, huh?  Looks like it’s time to hit the veggie aisle.

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