Wacky Celeb Skincare

Happy women receiving a beauty injection.

Oh celebs, it seems like they’re able to NEVER age and continuously have flawless skin.  Sure they have the help of photoshop at times, but let’s face it…most of us secretly admire their ability to have gorgeous skin consistently.  It may not come as any surprise some celebs have some seriously wacky skincare secrets/routines/techniques.  It’s weird week here at Lionesse, so what better topic than wacky celeb skincare to come out in full weird effect?  We’ve discovered some of the wacky celeb skincare and we’re dishing now!

Vampire Facials
If you follow Kim Kardashian, or saw the photo floating around of her post vampire facial you may know a bit about this wacky celeb skincare treatment.  If you haven’t seen the picture, take a look.  At first, it looks a bit alarming, we’re not going to lie.  Essentially what the vampire facial is, is the process of first extracting blood from your arm (yes, your own arm typically the forearm).  After a doctor has taken out blood from your own body it’s put through a process to obtain growth factors and platelets in the blood.  Once that’s done, the platelets and growth factors are placed into the skin on your face through little needles.  This skin care treatment is said to help renew and boost the collagen in your skin, acting as a major anti-aging treatment.

Cold Masks
We’ve heard of skincare masks of all kinds, but we haven’t heard of cold masks until Miley Cyrus shared a picture of herself using one.  Basically, it’s a facial gel mask that’s very…cold (obviously).  It’s said that the application of a cold gel mask helps to reduce any inflammation that may be happening on someone’s face and can help to actually tighten the skin giving you a more youthful look.

Nightingale Facials
So you’ve learned about the vampire facials, but have you heard about Victoria Beckham’s rumored use of nightingale facials?  Essentially what a nightingale facial is, a facial that’s done using products infused with…bird poop.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s actually an ancient Japanese beauty treatment that was originated by Geishas.  This type of facial is said to help create a brighter, more flawless skin appearance.

Bee Stings
Goop creator, Gwyneth Paltrow has become known for her less traditional health and beauty beliefs over the years.  Recently, she shared that she’s a believer in a treatment called apitherapy.  Basically what it is, is allowing bees to sting your body.  It’s a practice that’s been done for many, many years and is said to eliminate swelling/inflammation and even scarring in the body.

Another out of the box skincare treatment that may seem odd is the use of skincare products that are actually infused with a placenta.  Eva Longoria is said to swear by the use of these types of products, and it’s rumored to be a huge reason why she seems to never age.  Placenta is said to actually promote collagen and give a major elasticity boost to your skin.

Would you try any of these wacky celeb skincare treatments?

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