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Watch Out For These Common Allergy Triggers

Allergy season is in full effect. Of course, if you’re an allergy sufferer we don’t need to be the ones to tell you that. This year many people have talked about the huge struggle allergy sufferers are facing, with pollen and other allergens at an all-time high it’s difficult for many people to get relief this season. Since there are so many allergies that are common, there are also quite a few common allergy triggers for those that suffer. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of allergy symptoms you may want to watch out for these common allergy triggers:

This time of year, pollen is one of the most common allergy triggers. It seems like the pollen count is higher than ever because so many allergy sufferers are…suffering. Experiencing things like sneezing, difficulty breathing, red eyes, stuffy nose, etc. are all common if pollen is an allergy trigger for you. So how do you actually watch out for this trigger? Experts suggest really watching the pollen count and days when it’s really high, avoiding the outdoors as much as possible. We know it’s the summer and many of us want to spend as much time outdoors as possible…but if it’s a trigger for you it’s just not doing you any favors. In addition, avoid hanging your clothes to dry outside and opt for keeping your windows closed and air conditioning on throughout the summer and high pollen months.

Animal Dander
If you’ve ever noticed that after you spend time around animals you feel itchy, red and experience other allergic reaction type of symptoms animal dander may be a trigger for your allergies. Unfortunately, if this is the case the best way to avoid this type of trigger is to reduce your time around animals. If you have a pet, this can obviously be difficult for you to do. In that case, it’s suggest to reduce the areas your pet is allowed in the house. Avoid allowing your pet to spend time in your bedroom, specifically on your bed. In addition, give your pet a bath as often as possible and make it a routine to constantly wash sheets and furniture that your pet spends time on to reduce the amount of dander that builds up on the  places you and your pet spend a lot of your time.

This can be a tricky allergy trigger because avoiding dust altogether can be nearly impossible. But if you notice that you experience a lot of allergy symptoms when you’re in your home, it could be a sign that you’re triggered by dust and dust mites. So what’s a person to do if this is your trigger? Well…keeping your house as clean as possible, naturally. While that may be obvious, it’s suggested to really focus on the areas that dust tends to settle and end up collecting. Bedding and the bedroom area should be a huge focus here, opting for hypoallergenic pillowcases and making it a point to use hot water when washing your sheets can be a huge help.

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